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  1. Don't play Olympus anymore but i like most of the community. If you wanna play some gta 5 on ps4 drop your psn or msg me.
  2. @Ryan you heard the man hit him with -10k rep lmao
  3. dp3 4 crate fully upgraded with 300 unpro coke inside
  4. S3 has been locked since friday?
  5. Does this mean failed attempts as in the officer who is lethalling has to be killed twice? I see waves and attempts being really similar, if not the same.. A corp+ gets on mid/early fed, Does that corp+ then need to wait individually for 2 failed attempts that he/she were involved in or is it APD as a whole who would be able to say "We've had more than 2 failed attempts so yes you're lethals". What's the difference between "Waves" and "Attempts"? Or is this just one of those silly word changes that doesn't really affect current gameplay? I'm over thinking lmao
  6. 4 crate in kalithia on s1. Its just west of frog pro. Offer
  7. https://steamcommunity.com/id/anownofaobfojuwbiufabilfdaw/
  8. that sounds like a freaking plan xD
  9. Not intending to be rude, but curious, why you still here?
  10. thanks man, i always tried being as least toxic as i can lol. I hate toxic people so I tried to avoid it There are times for APD? lmao. Obviously I'm joking btw
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