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  1. Honestly didn't even know people actually do this but ok
  2. @KGB JOSH happy 30th birthday

    1. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      Thanks doc!

  3. Happy birthday @Zeuse

    1. Zeuse


      Thank you. 😄❤️

  4. Still remember the times when we were grinding for corporal and APES. Don’t know why we fell off and you started to hate me for no reason but besides that o7.
  5. Goodbye to one of my best friends on this server. i hope 3rd grade isn’t too hard on ya stay in touch
  6. Congrats @thor making a return 😮


    o7 @Hylos

  7. Jester


    Peace out g
  8. Goodbye Lagging, one of the realest friends I’ve had on Olympus. Good luck in the military and thank you for your service
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