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  1. Comment/DM with prices 1 promet SG 4 MX Tasers 1 Spar-16 Taser 1 Type-115 Taser 1 Pilot Covs 9 Stones I'll go lower than usual on prices cuz idc anymore
  2. Already did wtf are you even talking about. It’s literally on video
  3. Spent more time blacklisting me than working on gang wars
  4. Imagine taking down a post that doesn't make you look good lmao 

    1. vedalkenn


      It's Tienanmen Square Olympus style. 

    2. hawk


      2 minutes ago, vedalkenn said:

      It's Tienanmen Square Olympus style. 

      Why is this so accurate?

    3. HoesMad


      2 minutes ago, hawk said:

      Why is this so accurate?

      Chinese invested into Olympus

  5. This made me laugh xd I was surprised when you first got moderator, but that changed as I saw how much work you did. Still don't understand how you didnt get admin (oh wait, this sever is full of biased retards!). Anyway, good luck in life and join ts every once in a while :p
  6. L M A O This just shows how much of an ego he has for a video game rank haha @ikiled
  7. @Revise I had a talk w/ him and he said I was "a shithead to the community" and I "tried to ruin someone's life" and "I should never apply ever again because I'll NEVER get it" lmfao what a joke, kid needs to stay in his own zone.
  8. This^^ Shouldn’t be able to control Senior Support Team and blacklist people without their approval. also his ego is through the roof cuz he has a video game rank wowowowow would also like to add that he is a hypocrite. Tells Support Team members “not to be toxic” even though this kid is literally one of the most toxic people on the forums.
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