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  1. No. That would be aids. Its one thing if the gang/group leaders apply it but it should not be forced on everyone at all times.
  2. This is how @ grooovy did it! ArmA be ArmA!
  3. Cum shot.

  4. Does anyone believe this anything other then practice for when he shoots up the school?
  5. GOD Tier


    1. Millennium


      “Desynced and blew up a vehicle on the other side” 

      desync my fucking ass, lmao

    2. Diamond_drop


      @ Millennium The van was blue. The crate was blue. I was more focused on how sick that line I just did was.

  6. I cant wait to see the POs and DEPs diving into bullets to save there beloved Senior whos seizing the airdrop. Shits gunna look white house down.
  7. I think we need to add the Ass Blaster 3000 to every HQ for the hard to get answers


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    2. Venomm


      @ Maddox dont touch my shitter

    3. Monks


      I do like the water station on the side as well. Gotta stay hydrated 💪

    4. Rafa


      Looks like it would initiate a lot of roleplay. 
      but maybe not the type we want to be a witness to 😳

  8. S2DN1gd.jpg

    Cant win them all

    1. buckie


      Seems like ur just a dumb random like u always been diamond_monkey

    2. Diamond_drop

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    2. The Original Maverick
    3. Jerrod


      this was the most gangster thing I have seen in a while. Respect

    4. Jerrod


      wtf is this man. cmon now dawg. No need to have something like this on your profile pic.OHHGAWSH.jpg.27d1a56027e09e28eb20e121c1d14275.jpg

  10. Good to see it. Now we just need medics to have the darter drones to pick up the dead bodies.
  11. "You WILL NEVER EVER BE ON CIVILIAN COUNCIL. I'll make sure of that" - @Millennium, @Cooper:P, @Silton, @Diamond_drop

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