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  1. "You WILL NEVER EVER BE ON CIVILIAN COUNCIL. I'll make sure of that" - @Millennium, @Cooper:P, @Silton, @Diamond_drop
  2. @Millennium congrats
    @SuWooP see attached:

  3. @ThatNerdyGuy the real MVP. Riped the cop tag off me so wouldent have to be around all those sweaty  roleplayers!



    1. Monks


      Just exposed ur cheats nerd 🤡 ur gone

    2. monsterr


      @Monks wrong xvideos personal closet cheater hit him with the "damage = false"

    3. Venomm


      @Monks still better at aiming than you

  5. @Ryan Dis you?


    1. Skys


      more like half of TP

    2. Strafe


      ryan and all his oly money

  6. you big gay

    1. Monks


      @Noahhh! u gonna let him do u like that

    2. Noahhh!


      It's okay @Monks, I have Diamond's address.

  7. You edited the post and its still fucked.
  8. So you are telling me that the player is punished for buying a ghost hawk from staff insted of the staff member? How at all is that fair?
  9. So did the admins miss a payment for the feet pic's and decided to cover it with an unfair APD promotion? Idots put a system put in place and act like its supose to mean something.... but one e-girl shows up and all-of-a sudden we got a bunch of sweaty cucks. she must have some on point feet to cum on. CIV'S ARE JUST NPC'S TO THE APD!
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