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  1. Have you tried gettin gud?
  2. Joce

    Time to get out the ban hammer. Especially Cats.
  3. Joce


    The name of the game is get as many revives as possible = most money possible. Helping one gang or another makes a medic lose money, usually not gonna happen.
  4. Joce

    NO WAY ! that house has made me hundreds of millions since 2015. The house has only had one owner and very well maintained. I just had central air installed. ocean front view!
  5. Joce

    i got a 4 crater just north of the north west airstrip. how bout 100mil? sounds fair
  6. Joce

    MY GPU It is an Idaho
  7. Joce

    R&R is killing vigilife! #removeOS
  8. Joce

    R&R is killing Ganglife! it's bullspit! #removecivs
  9. Joce

    [TAXI] Marty for Prez!
  10. Joce

    For anyone who took me seriously.... whoooooshhhhhhhh
  11. Joce

    I got arrested by a cop. Make cops go away this server is cancer. Cops are killing ganglife! #noobsalt
  12. Joce

    Vigi been around since the beginning and there was always a gang life, quit blaming all your probs on vigis and get good.
  13. Joce

    - ( quoted dumb shit ) - ( quoted dumb shit said about the quoted dumb shit ) - some extra dumb shit!
  14. Joce

    APD and R&R numbers are very low. seems like alot of civs to me.
  15. Joce

    It was good times back when gangs used to enter into a gentlemens agreement to to allow medic revives at the end of a cartel fight. That way the next round could begin immediately.

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