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  1. Congrats on not being a child anymore!... by legal definition

    1. 1-800TryHards


      Thx lmao 

    2. logan69


      does that mean we can fuck?

  2. Joce

    @Mercury ... Would you be willing to weigh in on the R&R side of things or byea?
  3. N64 Goldeneye looks better than CSGO.

    1. MAV


      Idk about looks better but is a far better game

    2. Danger


      Yo Golden eye was fire. I loved that shit 

  4. The launcher has alot of good options i think you are looking for. You can manually set RAM limits and such. I used to have alot of problems on my old laptop and messing with these settings especially the memory allocator helped alot. Play with them and see what works for you.
  5. Joce

    Toggleing maybe, but finding which of the 3 settings works best for you,
  6. Joce

    i ran into this with fullscreen , windowed, borderless settings with dual monitors. Fullscreen was the fix for my scenario.
  7. Joce

    Yo where is this GTA stuff. PM me
  8. Joce

    If you stream Olympus or know anyone who does, add it here. I want to follow you.
  9. Someone with the power delete all my forum attachments please.

    1. Joce


      THX! whoever you are.

  10. Joce

    Back in the day ban evidence used to be thrown out the window if the submitter said that shit.
  11. Joce

    Miles? who the fuck uses miles anymore? Thats some bullshit 3rd world countries like Liberia and Myanmar use.
  12. Joce

    My gang > your gang
  13. For lots of reasons... I miss Jesse.

  14. Joce

    after reading all the evidence, IT IS CLEAR! Klutch is the hacker! We do NOT negotiate with terrorists!
  15. Have you tried gettin gud?

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