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  1. i got myself banned on purpose so i would quit, didnt quit because i got banned
  2. @Fake Grandma I've always liked you bro, always been a chill ass dude and I felt bad when you lost your admin, tree was always fun as fuck when you were in it and we definitely had some good ass memories.
  3. 01000010 01001111 01010010 01001011 00100000 01000010 01001111 01010010 01001011 00100000 00100000 00111100 00110011
  4. fuck you're supposed to be playing with your new wife not your computer
  5. goodbye anish, will see you again in my next life.
  6. good bye spinach i hope you have a spinach free life.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKAM_Hk4eZ0 - Play this shit as you read for the feels Damn where do I start, I've been here for 4 years now and I've seen this shit at its prime and at its worse (right now) Imma @ some people who I think deserve to be recognized and if I miss anyone just comment and I'll add something about you too @RAYRAY - the fucking og homie. met this fucking retard on asylum 4 years ago when he was wanted for 5k and I almost vigid him, but I decided that I'd help him process his diamonds instead. fucking absolute retard sometimes but I know i made the right choice not viging your dumbass for 5k. obviously you havent played arma in fucking forever so this doesnt really affect you but i remember our fucking duo where we always slapped kids no matter what when i was scouting in my orca and you were just dicking on retards all day long. homie for life right here no matter how many times you flip your shit because i make you rage on purpose. obviously this doesnt end here because we play a bunch of shit together @SoA Steve - I dont know your forum name but fuck it. I remember when me and ray joined SoA and on our first week of olympus we were just demolishing everyone. I remember when I literally 1v7d VX that week and I got the fastest Men of Mayhem tag. SoA was always fun and I'll never forget switching to Archetype and playing with you guys there and suicide vesting you when you just bought a loadout and a ifrit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljd-czJG5s0 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-y39skPUuU @Jaeger Mannen - the best roleplayer ive ever seen in my fucking life. this guy was og as fuck and I want to thank you for letting me in tree because i still remember my first day in it when i 1v3d the original titan and then put it in my shitty 12 minute montage. anyways you're a solid guy and even though we didn't always agree on everything you were always chill about gang stuff and you'd always make sure we stayed true to the tree rules and made the gang great. you got this gang started, you got us the tree on our sacrifice island and simply because of that, you've made an everlasting gang that will never die. https://youtu.be/1JCW0lebf1o?list=PLiS1Y64HMvYNmqlNAhRPGzFnvVSroxZ8a @Orgondo - I'll never forget getting kicked out of bfc for being toxic and stealing decimus' loadout and making him cry. rust was always fucking dope with you and the night where we hit that 20+ floor base and everything was under the foundations and we randomly found it was one of the best times ive had. rolling in mad fucking loot from retards that thought they were hot shit. and then there was the time where the huge double walled triangle base glitched all their loot into rocks and I randomly found it, best shit ever by far and definitely memorable times. shitting on those arma kids on combat tags beating them 37-7 was pretty fucking good too and honestly I wouldn't have been as good as at my best I was if it wasnt for your dumbass roasting me for using a 4x on an ak. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dV-mjNiFNtc https://youtu.be/rlFEtw-09M8 @Cats - Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is all I have to say to you. nah fr you're fun as fuck to play with and just because im leaving arma doesnt mean we wont slap shit on other games. kill lou for me a lot please he deserves to die a lot. your flying used to scare the shit outta me cause i never flew tier 4 and you were the only one who did https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MX9o9VC0C2w @lou - you're forum banned so fuck yourself. you're a fat piece of shit but even though i want to rip your fucking throat out I've always liked you cause ur pretty chill most of the times, shit was pretty fun when you played more and we had some good ass fucking laughs especially when we roasted House for his camp councillor dad bringing little kids into the forest and fucking them. best time by far though was when you were pissing me off so i told majed to hit you off in side chat and he actually did it. that shit was by far the funniest thing ever. linking it for old memories https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOrAt1pZ2sM&feature=youtu.be @Piner - daddy of tree, solid ass friend and you blowing me up a million times only tilted me a few times. @The Great Tree - Best gang I've been in, by far. It wasn't about us winning every cartel, fed, bw, jail or whatever. We always came back and we had our fun. We sacrificed people, and we made an impact. We aren't the best, but we fucking ran shit when we were. However that shouldn't change your mind set on Tree. There's a reason why 20 + cops need to get on when we do event, there's a reason why we have so much in the gang funds. We will never die out, despite the server possibly going to shit. We're always going to be a gang and that will never change. We always come back. @EWI - Jew boy, always fun to fuck around with you and dick on random kids. now it's going to be on different games. @Coob - the better half, its fun as fuck playing with you and carrying you on gears is even more fun. 10/10 would always do it again. Hmu any time man @Decimus - im sorry for making you cry when i stole your loadout on rust. i wont do it again i promise. love you buddy, heres a video of me tapping sam out of your ghosthawk while you were trying to pipe me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vVl1N94Vps @Hylos - ill never give you your curry. you were always fun as fuck to play with and ill come around and say hi every now and then and maybe passenger seat some people. however you hold the key to truly bringing me back so let's see if it happens. @Mita - you always got a lot of shit that was unnecessary, however when playing with you it was always really fun and laid back and you can come around and talk to us whenever you want. your moms really nice btw @Creepy - Damn, the amount of times I've 1v6ed his shit gang back in the day. Los Zetas Cartel, Blackwater. Either way. Definitely one of Tree's top rival gangs. Anyways you're a chill ass dude on cop and it was fun playing with you guys always. Maybe when Arma 4 comes out I'll 1v6 you guys there too @Corporal Moob - I remember when me and ray joined MC and honestly it was fun as fuck right off the bat. You weren't really around too often back then but MC was fun as fuck to be in. Fighting MC when I was in Tree was even more fun though, two similar sized gangs with essentially equal skill really made this game fun. I will NEVER forget being the last person alive on a og push and just getting slammed by 3 ifrits on safe rocks, being scared shitless because I knew I was just fucked no matter what. https://youtu.be/29_HY8FHeiU?t=160 yes its my montage, but that line in the song right there just seriously hyped me up for fights back in the day. @Genghis Khan - one of the funniest fuckin dudes ever. I wish you kept irl streaming because it was always funny as fuck @buckie - the og fucking retard, i hope you get shot in the ass. This is the video of when you screamed about getting rdmed and then broke a plate http://plays.tv/video/5750d367274e327527/killed-outside-of-zone?from=user @BumbaClat - LOOOOOOOONG COOOOOOOOOOOOCK. SHIT HAWK AND A MOTHERFUCKIN GREASE HAWK @destruct - goodbye bork brother I'm already tired of writing this shit and as much as I want to I'm not going to talk shit about anyone on the server because I just don't care to anymore. Once again if you think I forgot you just comment that I did because obviously I don't remember everyones names and I'll add something about you o7 boys and girls and fuck you all.
  8. 2. if they dispatch that they willingly want to fight you then sure, go back 4. its not about the cops that want to lethal or not, its the cartel fighters that dont want to deal with being tased and processed for 30 minutes after a raid, making them play less, thus reducing server population. why ruin fights on the server just for some money? you still get payouts for lethals and its not bad at all, + it takes way less time for everyone involved, increasing the amounts of fights. 6. the second anyone sees any armored vehicle on cap, its engaged. i've done it, you've done it, everyone has. it's stupid that cops can go hot on ifrits and shit on cap especially because its the only way to really push without qillins (i know they're being added but for the time being). also everyone knows that if you get out of your ifrit and there's roaches on, you're most likely getting tapped as soon as you're out, you stay in and you get piped. its stupid when someones pushing in an ifrit, they get engaged and they become useless because they HAVE to get out or get shot and once they get out they get roached. also shooting kids out ifrits, pitting, or even spiking them isnt hard at all. 8. -one of the main things about playing cop or medic is having enough money to be able to fund your shit there, i've heard it multiple times but cant find where it is exactly. anyways, reducing the income of cops isnt going to do shit. they're still going to be making a fuck ton of money and losing N O N E. the cops NEED a money sink besides being robbed and a few vehicles. if you dont want deputies to pay for their loadouts everytime, then dont. but POs + NEED some way to lose money. I have never lost more than a few 100k on cop, and ive made 30mil alone in a week and a half. thats stupid. you just replied to this earlier: Boomer xD : "Nerf cop income, it's broken. " Nerdy: "+1 I've said this ever since it was passed in a civ council roundtable, it needs to happen." and it's wrong. the cops don't need their income nerfed. they need somewhere to spend their income, because once again, currently there's nothing for them to spend it on and THAT single handedly is what ruined the economy. cops paying for loadouts, even if its 25k for a PO loadout, will make people play smarter, which will generally result in the cops winning fights either way if they play like they have brains and not holding w full sprinting at someone shooting at them looking to get a trade kill. 11. the bolt cut to the actual pill hut door shouldnt even be a thing. it makes no sense, the pillhut should be where you plant the charge so yes, remove the bolt cutting for that.
  9. i know this is for civ ideas but im adding cop ideas as well because it needs to be nerfed 1. make it so cops have to announce that they're raiding warzone before going in, can add it the same way martial law is activated, just change the message and put a circle around warzone 2. warzone raids last a maximum of 15 or 30 minutes 3. if they complete a raid, and then get pc on someone in warzone again before the 15 min timer is up, they can only go back for a single wave. timer resets to another 15 mins 4. make it so all cops have lethals while raiding warzone (unless its a single wave following someone in and no sgt+ is on), since a sgt+ is almost always needed, they can activate it at hq same as po lethals 5. warzone ghosthawk waves require 2 previous waves 6. ghosthawks can not go guns hot on civilian ifrits/striders/hunters on warzone while they drive around unless shot at by the driver/passengers, stolen cop hunters/striders can be engaged on like normal -If someone leaves warzone through bottleneck, is engaged and drives back into warzone, they're guns hot 7. reduce jail time to 30 - 45 mins maximum because nobody wants to sit in jail for long ass times, especially when the servers are already dying and nobodys fighting anywhere 8. add a 25k cost to respawn while on cop as deputy, 35k for po and so on for higher ranks to add a money sink for cops, as the only one currently is getting robbed and vehicles 9. move bank to salt flats 10. make bank a redzone 11. reduce fed timer by 5 mins OR reduce weight of gold bars to 5
  10. this kid isnt in tree so if he scams anyone it aint on us
  11. @buckie http://plays.tv/video/5750d367274e327527/killed-outside-of-zone?from=user by far the oldest and most classic video of your dumbass raging ever <3 u fucking retard
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