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  1. Roll back the server or else you will feel the wrath of my brother tony mozzarella's  packets.

    1. G F

      G F

      tony mozzarella 

  2. Nice conquest update fucking morons

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    2. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Not as often as you judging from how upset you get at a dead video game ^_^

       Has your ickle temper calmed down yet?

    3. Paved


      @Grandma Gary

      Heard the family dog attacked your balls when you were a child so that's why you never fully went through puberty, confirm or deny?

    4. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Childish insults, how quaint.  You big mean poo poo head.

      Though I gotta admit someone using correct punctuation is a refreshing turn of events ^_^

  3. Paved


    pm @c0zza on the forums for more help if you can't reach c0zza, then try and contact Coral Thank you
  4. Selling 1k War Points

  5. Selling 2k War Points HMU

    1. Cale


      sounds good bruhTEDjoe3005

    2. Lucien


      ds joeda

  6. Why is @Zurph still banned @Ryan come on big dog

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    2. MarveL


      okay what rule did he break in his responses @Mr GOAT

    3. Mr GOAT

      Mr GOAT

      did i ban him? no

    4. De Fuk

      De Fuk

      Holy shit you kids still crying shit will never change hahahahahahah 

  7. unban @Zurph already zzZZ

  8. @MASVIDAL smallest EU brain to date

    1. Drippp


      Facts but you are also smallest NA brain


    3. N7Zero
  9. Paved


    Bullied off the server pussy LOOL
  10. So you must have 5 cops on to start the bank, but when you are almost done with it and cops log out because they get absolutely shit on, you can't open the vault because you still need "5 cops on." What the fuck is up with that?

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