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  1. F6B748E8-0417-46C8-813D-FD8557A80748.gif.80341b5eb6553793558dbff0783e9f59.gif@Kamikaze happy bday chief 

    1. c0zza


      stfu old man

    2. Mr GOAT

      Mr GOAT

      moderator dripp this isnt a good look on your portfolio


    1. Skateezy


      damn he learned today

  3. That’s weird I haven’t received the 5 mill you promised me for the false ban @Headless

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    2. Linka


      headless, you would make it big on facebook

    3. Headless



      I am a huge fan of Elon. I hate facebook I dont use any of that drama shit. Snap chat only

    4. Drippp


      Facebook fucking sucks. Targeted ads, political bullshit and full of deadbeats from high school, which makes me feel good about my life lmao

  4. @Headless stop hitting me and evan off thx

  5. You are alright doe, you work and don’t spend your day making idiotic posts on the forums. Also you have saved yourself over 200k by not having gremlins so good for you
  6. Nice profile picture emo weirdo. If you were old enough to be goth in the 90s then I have the feeling you are too old to be playing video games. Go start a family or something bro
  7. I’m not talking to you emo weirdo
  8. Tell me where I said I wasn’t gonna play anymore, I literally said I was still going to play on the thread... besides it’s not like I play offline everyone knew I was on
  9. @Zurph @G F arma addicts
  10. No can do sir, they have 24 hours before I take over the servers mainframe and change the donation location to my private offshore bank account
  11. Everyone on Olympus knows I’m close with lizard squad stop the speculation. This is what they get for putting the mystery machine frit behind a paywall. I gave them many warnings and they did not listen so I called in my shooters.
  12. What’s a good graphics card that does not cost $1,000+

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    2. Mike Lit

      Mike Lit

      I bought the 2080 super back in February and it’s been a really good card, but I wish I would have saved the $200-$300 and just went with the 2070 super. There’s not much of a difference in performance between the 2 cards and imo the 2080 super isn’t worth the extra money. Go for the 2070 super or wait a couple of months for the new cards to release.

    3. Drippp


      Won’t the new cards cost an arm and a leg? 

    4. Mike Lit

      Mike Lit


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