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  1. Is this real or a meme? Does this mean no more afk owner farming checks not doing shit

  2. Selling at off-road 

  3. Happy birthday @Lukeee frick man hope u get so many presents 

    1. Lukeee


      Frick dude thanks

  4. Drippp

    dont shop at 7/11 they are all owned by Muslim terrorists using the store as a front
  5. Drippp

    Still don’t know why i didn’t just slam cap in that bitch
  6. Happy birthday paki fuck @abu

  7. Drippp

    How cringey kid go outside and make some friends
  8. Drippp

    People be sleeping our launch day will take all of armas community, our player slots will need to be 1000
  9. Rip all the plague boys who were clapped out, salute

    Edited by Drippp
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    2. bdj



    3. Jaster


      can we get a 21 gun salute for Parker Radley leader of the trials? :FeelsBad:

    4. swervy
  10. Drippp

    Sorry please don’t I’m sorry I have to defend my boy
  11. Drippp

    @genesis get off my boy @Novaa neck bro I swear I’ll rip ur fucking face off bitch
  12. Drippp

    Yooooooooo what’s uppppppp
  13. Drippp

    I bring you in and you cheat. +1 LETTTSSSSS GOOOOOOOO
  14. Drippp

    Finally, see ya retard. Your biggest accomplishment will be being an internet janitor

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