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  1. Hbd @billdroid enjoy your lamb and rice!

    Edited by Drippp
  2. Drippp

    But you can shorten night without shortening day, asylum is day almost all the time with only around 15 mins of night
  3. Congrats @Zurph knew you were next.

  4. Drippp

    Juuls suck how can u not get sick of the same flavors over and over
  5. Drippp

    I’ll play son join plague ts when ya wanna play
  6. Drippp

    Yeah Pm me
  7. Drippp

    I have 6.5 suppressor and an mx I believe, I don’t want them so u can buy em
  8. The apd fuckin sucks man can’t even make it to slam tower

    1. Gf.


      incoming buff

  9. Drippp

    Hey guys I have a zaphir for sale who wants to buy it
  10. Drippp

    Everyone already knows ur scum no point in trying to explain yourself
  11. Drippp

    Type 115, black lvl 5, beret
  12. Drippp

    I have @Pledge‘s loadout, willling to sell it. He can verify for you
  13. Some hackers should be unbanned too, it’s no fun without some of the boys.

    Edited by Drippp
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    2. yungxanwiththeuzi


      Excuse me mr. Indian i never see u fight cartels, prolly cuz ure on a shitty s2 or s3, anyways, ur past gangs tell me ur a reject who does runs, since when do u flex and pipe and say u fight cartels? lmao.

    3. tacosmell


      Relax boys 

    4. destruct


      TIL s1 was THE cartel fighting server


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