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  1. JuanDeaged

    Stop sucking his dick
  2. JuanDeaged

    I have like 10
  3. People are actually voting for civ reps that are career cops and that never fight smh.

  4. JuanDeaged

    -1 I won’t be able to control myself and I would lose all my money
  5. JuanDeaged

    Can’t wait for people to stress themselves and run straight through cap fucking everyone and tanking 1727371 7.62 rounds
  6. JuanDeaged

    You got my vote buckie
  7. JuanDeaged

    400k for type
  8. Get rid of these fucking armed planes or atleast nerf them PLEASE this shit is way too op.

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    2. Dealer


      1 hour ago, Morgan Freeman said:

      Either carry a titan or learn how to fight one 

      No one wants to spend 600k on a titan and rockets every fight, no way to fight it if it’s viper.

    3. Unjo


      22 minutes ago, Dealer said:

      no way to fight it if it’s viper.

      Apart from buying a titan 

    4. LiL J

      LiL J

      planes arent bad, its just when you know how to use them they become really aids.

  9. Happy bday @Hurricane fat tard! Enjoy the Mac and Cheese.

  10. Congrats on sgt @hawk

  11. RIP https://www.twitch.tv/noliver :FeelsBad:

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