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  1. Even if your banned from ts I still love you retard. Happy bday @buckie have a good one homie

    1. buckie


      i love you too homie 

  2. NICE the server ate my AT offroad!!!!!

    1. LukeTheSup
    2. Xlax


      it ate like 20 of my hatchbacks, sick

    3. Toasty



  3. JuanDeaged

    This is retarded whoever allowed this is literally brain dead
  4. JuanDeaged

    I rlly wanna read all of this drama but y’all are writing like fucking research papers
  5. happy bday supreme leader @Zurph

  6. Who gave this crack head owner??? Literally letting the server go to shit

    1. Bloodmoon
    2. Drippp


      This is why we don’t give foreigners anything nice 

  7. JuanDeaged

    What if the people dont hack the anti air?????
  8. I am now a krunker.io main

  9. 4 eyed marshmallow hick

    1. DeadPool


      what did you call me 

    2. JuanDeaged


      not for u deadpool i promise

  10. JuanDeaged

    Chubby elf might as well call you Santa HAHAHAHAHAHAA LAUGH AT MY SHIT JOKE AND GIMME YOUR MONEY PLS
  11. Happy bday @Teeeeeed we miss you T3DDY.G4SS3D get off that shit rocket league game and come back

  12. HBD to the boys @Xlax and @HyperGoat

    1. Xlax


      ayeee thank u bro


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