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  1. Get rid of these fucking armed planes or atleast nerf them PLEASE this shit is way too op.

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    2. Dealer


      1 hour ago, Morgan Freeman said:

      Either carry a titan or learn how to fight one 

      No one wants to spend 600k on a titan and rockets every fight, no way to fight it if it’s viper.

    3. Unjo


      22 minutes ago, Dealer said:

      no way to fight it if it’s viper.

      Apart from buying a titan 

    4. Yikers


      planes arent bad, its just when you know how to use them they become really aids.

  2. Happy bday @Hurricane fat tard! Enjoy the Mac and Cheese.

  3. Congrats on sgt @hawk

  4. RIP https://www.twitch.tv/noliver :FeelsBad:

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  5. https://gyazo.com/50aae5ff816b43135f963964bad9df1f Selling those, the houses are 2 craters and then there is the garage post offers or pm me them.
  6. JuanDeaged

    92 217
  7. Better start carrying titans everywhere for these new armed airplanes :blink:

  8. JuanDeaged

    ooo a supressor how much? @kev
  9. When you can't play Arma because you can't get into your steam account :wacko:


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