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  1. Apparently I'm lag switching by just shotgunning at a fed even though I was literally peaking #firstperm #imedgyasf

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    2. Skys


      but when i do it on koth my fps gets higher Kappa

    3. Dealer


      get fucked lolol always knew u were cheating

    4. Drippp
  2. JuanDeaged

  3. JuanDeaged

    Eat my ass like a cheesecake
  4. JuanDeaged

    I’m winning this shit rn ez clap
  5. JuanDeaged

    7.62 suppressor doesn’t go on mar-10 you prob already know that just making sure
  6. come on staff you really did the boy @Zurph dirty


    1. Civak


      i love flying them too

  8. JuanDeaged

    gimme 7.62 one NOW or ill stop carrying you
  9. JuanDeaged

    @TRYHARD. @Zurph you guys have a dms right
  10. JuanDeaged

    Last night there were 7 cops to start the bw with no senior APD and by the end there were probably about 15-18 cops with 3 or 4 Sr APD on @Peter Long
  11. JuanDeaged

    When did this nerdy kid get an ego?
  12. JuanDeaged

    No one is trying to spend a extra 750k for launcher and rockets to do a bw. Same argument for armed planes ppl say buy a titan like I’m not trying to fucking spend a mill to keep titaning a retard out of his plane just remove it.
  13. JuanDeaged

    Does it say how many gold bars were sold, how many trucks or bw vehicles were seized? yes most gangs can defend till the bomb blows but once the hawks come out its game over

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