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  1. o7 buckie good luck with life homie
  2. JuanDeaged


    thank fucking god ur leaving degenerate
  3. sooo we can bench snipe ppl now right
  4. good luck civ council

    1. Millennium


      atleast we can have deccent debates on roundtables. (hopefully)

  5. make it so i can insure my helis inside my garage

  6. bitches who got 30 bodies be like "im a snack", nah hoe you a free sample

    1. buckie


      thats why u moved on from goats. These fat bitches are just to easy

  7. Most abusive relationship is Zahzi and Ryan Zahzi got that nigga Ryan under his desk beating his shit in 24/7
  8. Damn looks like I just got free mk1s and ghost hawks 

    1. Millennium


      quick leak what they are saying

  9. i swear every time there is a cleanup script is magically disappears. During all my time on this server ive seen like 4 clean up scripts and they all go away for some reason. makes no fucking sense.

    1. Darren Nsonowa

      Darren Nsonowa

      Might be that it's getting overworked or something, or bad coding that doesn't clean up what it should.

    2. Horizon


      yo can you rewrite this again so i understand it 🤔

    3. JuanDeaged


      Basically there have been multiple clean up scripts and they magically disappear and nothing from cap despawns. Ppl have complained about clean up scripts multiple times, they get added, then are gone. Now it is the same thing. I just don’t know why they keep getting removed.

  10. wait thats fax, just link it to real stock market
  11. As soon as I’m starting to get away from this shit game school gets cancelled till April. 

    looks like I’ll be sticking around for a little longer 

    1. m o n s t e r

      m o n s t e r

      Man i've been trying to get away from this game for over a year, it never really works out when i try, @Skys has some top tier first hand experience

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