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  1. It is like a house addon. execpt it holds 100 virtual also. along with physical ^
  2. House is litearrly inside of the redzone. Perfect for robbing and or roaching. drop prices below
  3. I am a minority, why do I care about the majority.
  4. You should not remove betting. This is a form of entertainment and if you think about removing it I recommend you do a official poll on weather it should be removed or not. You already have the chance to disable betting, and if they get rich by sitting in KAV what affect does it have on you besides the fact you cry and say you cant find people at red zones. Yes it is disappointing but there is other red zones to check. NOT EVERYONE BETS. I feel as if the majority of players already don't bet as it is.
  5. You should be able to buy drugs from Drug DEALER.
  6. What is your favorite car company of the 1990's?
  7. No one in this world can make you happy or sad.. for example, if you ram your toe in the wall, many emotions can come out of this.. you may be laughing and call yourself stupid bc the wall was there in front of your face yet you didnt see it and then carry on with your day.. or you may get sad and upset bc it really hurt your toe.. but at the end of the day, you control your own emotions and outlook on every action / scenario in life <3.. on some fr fr real life shit.
  8. I am a lightskin bobs and vegene magnet. But on some real shit.. My ancestors a long time ago beat my ancestors.. a fellow lightskin bro of mine shared that with me and it makes me think.. Didnt all of our ancestors beat our ancestors? or did your ancestors beat your ancestors.. Just my two cents
  9. I have a friend who would want to
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