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  1. Proof or it didn't happen
  2. Hmmmm. *Teleports me into a cage and says "get out." Yea you're good...
  3. "Peter Long" is now known as "Killing myself.":peterscream;

  4. Congrats @Fushigi and @HyperGoat. o7 @Gibbs You will be missed

  5. o7 Deadpool
  6. https://i.gyazo.com/f4afda1e1339ed09799f57aabc2fa024.mp4

    How did I kill the guy restrained in my car?

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    2. Jesse


      Would like to see dead guys footage. Since you ejected from the moving car, he probably had desync and the car showed in line with where you were shooting, therefore nigguh dead.

    3. Nephew



    4. Brennan


      The gif is completely fucked up at the moment you kill him, but I can tell that you shot your gun before it was fully drawn up, so the bullet left the barrel while the gun was pointed at the car.

  7. Correct you can't harass or bug the civ to get them to give you consent
  8. 4c6b1a6464a3b0f8881ce4147728faa1.jpg


    Those were some good times during GW4

  9. e9147ff01ec4d5916d3904263ac26c0e.png

    hmm... I dont know how i feel about this.

    1. ArX


      Master of the Black Arts

    2. 3 Rip

      3 Rip

      I have 666 hours 13 minutes on cop  screenshotted xd

    3. Corporal_Moob
  10. Day 24, @Grandma Gary did not supply us with enough food for the trip, so we are running low.


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    2. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      I resolved their health concerns.

    3. Decimus


      you tried to steal my kidney

    4. Special Needs Child

      Special Needs Child

      I was going to make a comparison to Kim Jong Un but then I would probably be put in a labor camp haha.

  11. Does anybody even buy server 3 houses or are they worthless?

    1. Ignis


      I have a nice Kavala 4 crater if you want it for fr33


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