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  1. well since nobody else will say it congrats @Panda :)

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    2. Decimus
    3. Qasim


      Decimus [gothimus] knows the feelings of not being liked

      Jokes Decimus, i love you really

    4. Airborne
  2. Decimus

    try me I'm unbeatable
  3. Decimus

    so I win
  4. Decimus

    so does this mean i win @Greenarrow
  5. Make Armed Planes Great Again :Kappa:

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    2. mon5t3r
    3. Viper


      Bring back the hawk gun :Kappa:

    4. mon5t3r


      Just make the guy a mar10 but with full auto and 4k rounds, no one will complain..

  6. Decimus

    too bad that wont happen
  7. Decimus

  8. Happy Birthday @Bobby and Happy belated birthday @RambleR

  9. Decimus

    Welcome to Olympus the nontoxic and friendly community
  10. o7


    Not sure why everyone is saluting but I figured I might as well join in lol

  11. congrats @hawk

    1. hawk


      Thanks farmer goth decimus

  12. Decimus

    o7 Bud, you will be missed. Had some really fun times with you.
  13. Decimus

    Great now this mans is going to be like Greasy...

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