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  1. I've had personal issues with logitech mice and their scrollwheel, which sucks for arma or similar games where the scrollwheel is heavily used. I've had a Razer keyboard since 2015 and have never had any issues. Used to have a Corsair Scimitar which was great and lasted for about 3.5 years but the wire eventually had connectivity issues. Bought a Logitech G305 wireless mouse where I had the scrollwheel issues, which worked fine till the scrollwheel got stuck all the time/wouldn't spin, but it did feel cheap like others have said. Switched to a Razer Deathadder v2 Pro wireless mouse, which I've
  2. That's a real bohemia dlc, it's different for the creator dlcs which aren't made by bohemia. Basically paid mods
  3. The good old days back when arma looked brown
  4. Trump bad Biden bad US political system bad
  5. Could be instead of don't return to x meters around where you died just don't return to the same situation. That way people could still spawn in the city or whatever and just avoid who killed him. No problems of civs returning to feds and no problem of civs wanting to do weed or something but can't spawn in kav because they got rook banged at gun store. Rebels shouldn't have nlr tho as people really shouldn't be lurking around there anyways just gearing and leaving.
  6. This ryan guy is a hacker good job sniffing him out
  7. You also can't take out a gun while swimming unless you are wearing a wetsuit/survival fatigues so speed doesn't matter
  8. Lucien


    Sounds like some easy vdm +1
  9. Better be some serious drip
  10. Generally I just go for kills if they are close and if I don't get warpoints from it I'd comp
  11. permed for being too good they keeping the sneeze boys down smh
  12. Lucien


    This drama sucks
  13. @WALT your telling me @Masoooooooooon has the criteria to be in Teamplayers? 76561198157118837 you should do your research on his stats page. If players like that can join Teamplayers no wonder your gang has gone downhill, minus well take your recruiting page down because @Masoooooooooon is a prime example of a random in Teamplayers who is nowhere near the criteria to join Teamplayer according to your recruiting post.

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    2. thomaslorddd


      @Jerrod, @Millennium has you in a headlock buddy

    3. Drippp


      Mason is a god, kids a beam

    4. Masoooooooooon


      Thanks leader drippp

  14. Hbd @WALT

    1. WALT


      Thanks brother, love my boy lucien

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