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  1. Happy 20th birthday 🎂 to my best 👌 friend 👯 and life 😂 partner @ Lorax . For your 👉➡ birthday, ✨ I got 😩 you a ⏰💰 subscription to 💦💰 the best 👌👌 game 🎮💻 ever, 💋 Wizard101, and I 🙋😍 also 👨 want to 💦😘 say something. 👤🤔 Ever 🖖 since 💦 I 🏻 met you 👵 in ➡ a ☠ Police 🔫🔫 Suport Channel 👌📺 in 👏👄 Asylum TS making fun 😉 of 👏🔥 french 🥖 canadians, I 👁👈 knew 🙈🙀 I 👁 was 🏻👍 in ⤵ love with 👏😡 you. We 👨 have ⭐ come so 💯💯 far in 🛌⚓ our lives 🌞 together, 👷👷 from abusing civ rights 😤 on 💡 cop to 💦💦 me killing your 🍆 irl 🅱🅱 friend 🏿 snapchat ❌ groupchats to 💦 roleplaying as the 🔎 Shekelstein jewish ✡✡ banker clan. I 😬👈 can't 🔫🔫 wait 🙅🙄 till we move ♂👊 forward ⏭ in 👏⏳ our ❤ relationship 👅👅 to ♂ the ⏩ next 📆😽 stage, when 💦 I 👤♂ come move 🏃🔛 into the 💍🔭 basement ⏬🏚 apartment with 👌 you and the shooter Kdog. I also ➕ want 🍑 to 🏼♀ say 🤐 how proud I am 👦 of 🌾 you for coming 😱 out 😮 as 😠 Asexual. It 😍 was 👏🤧 incredibly brave of you, and 👏 I 🗨 wish you 😩 a 💰 happy pride 🔫 month. Anyways, after 👀 all 🤷🦊 our 💰📇 time together, I 💕😻 just ❗ have one 👨 question. Will you 🏾 marry 👰🤵 me?














    Happy 💃 birthday 🎉 retard

    1. Lorax


      thank you lucien, you're the best eboyfriend anyone could ever ask for!!!!


    2. Lucien


      Tell that to all the Wizard101 girls bro its hard out here Im down bad

  2. PPG on top what can I say
  3. Is this kid actually crying someone cheated in cs? Cheating in cs is like cheating in gtav
  4. They had it turned way down in the config for some reason
  5. +1 makes the mxm very viable
  6. @Ryan @PoptartRex I just hit the liquor store you boys make the voyage yet?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Lucien


      @RAFA is ISO of SWEETHEART a mikes hard variety pack, a bottle of jameson black label, and some dr mcgillicuddy nips

    3. Rafa


      Just remember Rex, don’t meet girls in bars 😉 

      and those are some primo choices Lucien I hope you having a great night man 🙂 

    4. PoptartRex


      I got a gf so I’m gonna wing man my friends at the bars but those are some good choices  👌🏻

  7. Maybe switch to a ATX Mid Tower instead of a full - if you don't need the room inside (for lots of drives or a watercooling loop, etc), might as well not take up a bunch of space at your desk or whatever
  8. Happy birthday @Energyyy looking good for 152 years old

  9. Anyone banned?

  10. I've had personal issues with logitech mice and their scrollwheel, which sucks for arma or similar games where the scrollwheel is heavily used. I've had a Razer keyboard since 2015 and have never had any issues. Used to have a Corsair Scimitar which was great and lasted for about 3.5 years but the wire eventually had connectivity issues. Bought a Logitech G305 wireless mouse where I had the scrollwheel issues, which worked fine till the scrollwheel got stuck all the time/wouldn't spin, but it did feel cheap like others have said. Switched to a Razer Deathadder v2 Pro wireless mouse, which I've had for a few months now and works great. Headset wise, I used to have a Corsair Void Wireless and switched to a Hyperx Cloud Stinger wireless after 5 years because the Corsair's battery wouldn't hold a charge. Overall, you really shouldn't stick to 1 particular brand, as build quality and features change overtime. My razer keyboard which I got in 2015 is obviously old, and I can't say that new Razer keyboards have the same quality. TLDR as of right now based on my current setup I guess I'm a Razer man
  11. That's a real bohemia dlc, it's different for the creator dlcs which aren't made by bohemia. Basically paid mods
  12. The good old days back when arma looked brown

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