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  1. o7 I will always love you
  2. Congrats @Jig @Cale well deserved promotion

  3. that shit is dope
  4. Happy Birthday @Zahzi

  5. We will be enforcing a strict support only in support channels as it has become a clear problem that other members of the community tags that allow them to join support rooms have joined on multiple occassions causing more trouble than helping to resolve the issue. Going forth if a non support member joins an active support case you will be allowed to move them out or ask them to leave, if they don't, feel free to bring this up to a sr support member, we will take it to the corresponding faction lead where they will discipline said member.

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    2. ThatNerdyGuy


      @Dante I've already won the Super Bowl with Joe Burrow. Time to start your betting, Bengals are winning it all this year.

    3. rapidaax
    4. Jimmy Jarvis

      Jimmy Jarvis

      since when is status updates the area for rule announcements

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