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  1. Yeah the setting is bound. When I re-bind it too something else it works perfectly fine. but when I switch it back to default it doesn't work.
  2. Any body else having trouble in game using "Caps lock" to enable communication? My caps lock key works but wont work when holding it to talk in game. Every other key bind works. Is there something blocking me from speaking in game?
  3. If it was red then people would think that they are enemy gang members
  4. But it would obviously need to be a color that's not Blue or green because of cops and medics who have that colored name when you see them
  5. It was kinda close to the HQ making it easier for cops in my opinion. haven't experienced too much with the pygros bank.
  6. idk but in my opinion I feel like if I got shot at randomly right next too me then I would definitely shoot back. However, the guy you shot next to in the video should of been the one who killed you instead of the other person that you didnt shoot at if that makes sense
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