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  1. I really hate to say this. But for right now i am going to be stepping down from mod. As most of you know over the course of the last few months, things for me have been extremely difficult. Lately it seems its been one thing or another. Yesterday was a down right horrible day. My girlfriend passed away due to heart failure. Right now i am a complete mess on top of the medical issues i have been having. I am terribly sorry for my inactivity over the last few months. All of you are great friends and i cherish all the laughs and great times we all shared. I do plan on coming back. But right now i need me time. I need to get my head back on straight. Im not really sure how to end this. i guess for right now i am saying good bye. I wish everyone the best. And i pray to god that none of you ever have to go through any of what i have had to experience over the last year.
  2. Happy Birthday Man!!

    1. Gidgit


      Thank you sir

  3. happy birthday buddy

    1. Gidgit


      Thank you good sir

  4. Today is the first day in almost 2 weeks that i am in a way feeling some what normal. I want to thank all of my friends on this community who messaged me daily and kept me sane with my trip in the hospital. Thank all of you guys very much. I love all of you. I will be back in action tonight and i plan to be streaming. Come in and hang out. Lets have a good time everyone. See you all there!!!!

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    2. SPBojo


      This is amazing Gid, glad to hear its going better.

    3. bigPat


      I didn't even know you were in the hospital...shit

    4. Pledge


      Glad to hear it! Hopefully you never have to do this again.

  5. Well guys. I am still here in the hospital. They say if the infection that is in my neck clears up i should be able to go home tomorrow. Keep you fingers and toes crossed for me

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    2. Sociopathic


      Fingers crossed Gidgit, get well soon mate.

    3. Julian


      Get well soon man.

    4. joeysab13


      Get better man

  6. Well boys. Off to the emergency room again. My throat and the right gland in my jaw have now swollen up to the point where it is becoming really scary. There will probably be no stream or activity from me for a few days. Happy gaming guys and wish me luck.

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    2. Isaac Newton

      Isaac Newton

      Feel better man, sorry to hear that.

    3. Sociopathic


      Feel better man! 

    4. fugi


      i had something like this was a gland stone gl tho :D

  7. let me know when this will be. ill stream it for those who cant get in game. i wanna see this.
  8. To answer your question. No it was not the same shirt haha. 

    1. DeadPool1337


      This was so long ago lmao

      And you gotta play pub with me later 

  9. c73cd30bad8aa2b70bbb31c1eb8429c0.pngGidgit you are such an amazing person and an even better mod. I Love you so much man!!!





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