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  1. Congratulations to one of the boys @Scribble 

    on the Coordinator position.

  2. Just when I thought Puerto Rico was almost done with the Electricity Issues.The whole island decides to go dark again boys.

    Bigoted FUCK!

  3. OMG,I wake up and I see my boy @Ignis is BACK!

    Welcome back bby and congratz to @OutCast.Well deserved.

  4. Whoever voted 1.Go back to high school. Whoever voted 9,you might just be able to save the world from people who vote 1. That is all!
  5. OOF
  6. @King says this equation equals 1 but people who are actually smart say it equals 9. Save Math and tell us your answer with FACTS not feelings.
  7. Who am I supposed to @ScreaM at now. o7 man.Hope to see you back so I can say I'm better at fortnite than you.
  8. Awesome!
  9. Thank you Sire.
  10. Not if it's consensual.
  11. We can finally agree on something. @Proud You will be roasted by people again to the point that you will cry a little.Stop being toxic. @Peter Long We might need you to do some spanking again Father. @DeadPool If I was 18 and had a couple bucks saved up I'd do it.My family loves cruise ships and we have a #1 rule:"Don't go on a cruise without a family member".
  12. Congratulations to @RogueMK & @Egnazio on promotions.

  13. I'm gonna say this.There is supposed to be a balance in everything(Light & Darkness,Good & Evil,Respect & Cancer like you) but this does not mean you are needed nor wanted. I say this because at this point I feel bad for you. Move on and Get a better life,sincerely from the heart man.
  14. I let this abomination into Support Team and Senior Support Team AND someone made HIM A MOD. ABORT!... jk LOVE YOU @Jamie <3
  15. I wonder why the Senior Support Team don't allow you back I shall quote the words of @TheCmdrRex "Reformed btw Keep enjoying the APD/Support Team blacklist buddy"

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