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  1. Julian

    Making a comeback,eta 12 units of time.
  2. Julian

    Join cop,get chief and then sit afk at feds and collect mad paychecks. @Corporal Moob
  3. Julian

    THE THUMB IS A FINGER! Whoever thinks it's not You are WRONG.
  4. Happy Birthday Arma 3 , 5 yrs old and still going strong.

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    2. maiko


      lol, firstly the dog thing was a meme but sure bucko, I left cause Andrew offered me Lt and Connor said even before I was going to leave that I wasn't the person who was going to get kicked, feelsbadman. And you even said yourself you only used silent aim on their in front of everyone... so I don't know what your chatting, even Oskar was being serious about you cheating on an nmd cause your dogshit on every server except NMD. And you chat shit about my kd hahaha I barely fight and if I do Its either a 4v10 cause no one wants to fight if we have numbers... the server is dead for fights, Same with my kd, retards camp -TI- gang shed 24/7 and the number of times I've got killed driving to rebel, even ask bogroll how many times he killed me when I tried to get to rebel at 1 time. You asked to join prime yet I swear you've been kicked out of it about 20 times. Even a tenacity leader said you were a Downie and as for FSA isn't it just a troll gang that uses sui vests 24/7. Any way have fun beefing teenagers all day cya!

    3. Julian


      Ladies and gentlemen,it seems to be a...


      @Monkeysz @maiko

      Ya'll roast eachother with a lil' more facts.

      It's 1-0 Let's get ready to rumble!

    4. Sonny Asif

      Sonny Asif

      This game is hvh and it will be until it dies


      Edited by Sonny Asif
  5. Atta babe @MAV , Make Support Team Great Again

    1. MAV


      thanks my man julian... 

  6. Julian

    Shits literally broken , losing good cops by the hour. o7 babe
  7. Julian

    Never played before but +1
  8. eat my ass you taco truck

    1. Julian


      :wub:I would love to

    2. SPBojo


      love u gayboi :wub:

  9. To all inompetent gossip girls who said I quit the community.

    You are incorrect.Good day.

  10. Who gave @Last what he deserved?:Kappa:

  11. Julian

    Who leads the Support Team?Someone really needs to talk to the guy
  12. Julian

    Cause AMERICA!
  13. Julian

    Make it to 250 likes and he gets the tatto on both nipples.

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