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  1. Its all luck with a little bit of common sense.
  2. Kats


    Im good thanks
  3. Its a dangerous game. I went from 250 down to 28mil at one point. Bet my 28 and somehow won most of my money back.
  4. Kats


    Hi I guess lol I was at work when this was made.
  5. Kats

    One big bet

    Nvm boys im at 500mil someone hit me with the 500mil bet
  6. Kats

    One big bet

    Ive got like 600 rn XD
  7. Wanna do a 200mil bet even. Hmu if youre down. Only for the memes to see if I can get to 1b
  8. The house doesn't always win. They just have a statistically higher probability of winning.
  9. Damn noble getting server rules changed XD
  10. Yeah I started betting with 12mil so everything besides maybe like 5mil of that was all earned via betting.
  11. Its broken and I have no idea why. Its been that way before I started betting seriously
  12. Shhhhh let me try atleast XD
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