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  1. idk how much they go for but ill pay 6.5m
  2. ill take a jeep aswell idc
  3. reply or pm offers. Support team middle man of course.
  4. yall just mad americans have more brain cells
  5. ping
  6. no im getting one to spawn in and kill silla
  7. WTB Kav house as close to square as possible. WTB Kav house as close as possible to gun store. Reply/dm with location and price and Ill dm if interested.
  8. if ur gonna add a casino heist make some shit like gta where shits actually worth not some stupid shit like the art gallery.
  9. SixNain

    WTB warpoints

    Sit in bottle neck with mk200 and titan and you’ll get plenty
  10. ill give you a rook and a picture of my thigh

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