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  1. So you're saying if we rob someone we basically become their taxi after we take all of their money... doesn't seen right.
  2. Ajax

    Cheese was definetly one of the funniest people to play with.
  3. Ajax

  4. Ajax

    If anyone remembers what happened to boonie you will love this one
  5. Ajax

    bruh can we go on humming bird patrols I wanna cap someone with the zubr off the bench
  6. Ajax

    I recently discovered this video of mine from 2 years ago and decided to make a thread of all the funny shit that goes on in Olympus. Feel free to post whatever funny memes or stupid stuff you do. and yes i know i was cringe 2 years ago and still am now so hop off my e peen
  7. Ajax

    https://olympus-entertainment.com/forum/8-guides/ This is a great place to familiarlize yourself with how the server works, I also recommend reading up on the server rules
  8. Ajax

    HAHA i remember i bet @an overweight giant retard my entire bank account (5 mill at the time) that he couldn't combat land a heli with no engine, tail, or hull and the fucker did it but i sent all the money to the wrong person. funniest shit ever because i was losing the money regardless but he didn't get any of it.
  9. Ajax

    Alright boys! I’ve got a list made and I’ll reach out to you individually based on what you want. It’s in an order and I’ll be making them in that order. It could take quite a while because for each image I’m making a custom vehicle and uniform texture (some of them I’m making multiple vehicles and uniforms) just want to let you know what how I will be going about these requests.
  10. Ajax

    its a custom made uniform...
  11. Ajax

    updated version for @Slumberjack
  12. Ajax

    @Slumberjack lmk if you want anything changed
  13. Ajax

    i dont think that was his intention
  14. Ajax

    this is officially the worst post ever

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