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  1. Shawshank Redemption 100% one of the best movies ever
  2. Those are medic... there were 9 medics online a little bit ago
  3. I have that house on s1... decent house but I wouldn't say it's worth 3 mill
  4. Honestly I've had a guy steam call me... hang up, then 2 mins later send me my ip through steam. Probs a wire shark kiddie but then about a month later he messages me "I'm selling IP's of Olympus player" and I was like WTF? Then he sent me my IP again. He had a FULL DOCUMENT of all Olympus players IP addresses. I started using a VPN after that but got rid of it after a while.
  5. I found a 3 crater 130 from square and I bought it with 200k to spare... I wasn't letting up that offer.
  6. Damn I would buy this so quick if I had the money
  7. I used to average 30 frames in kavala.... now I avaerage around 50 while it's gone up to 80.... all on ultra settings with my view distance maxed out! it definetly runs much smoother and I haven't gotten a texture bug since downloading, my game only crashed once since the download. I love the update but I have heard people complaining that it sucks. I do have a theory for that however. Arma was very CPU intensive and it proboably still is, but what if they made it more beneficial to have a better GPU? I only have an I5 gen 4 but I also have a GTX 970 for a graphics card. Just a theory, proboably wrong but I may do some testing! I think that this update was VERY good for people like MY but it also could have ruined the game for other people.
  8. Would be pretty cool! Not actually a bad idea. But imagine how bad it would be for the shed in kavala...
  9. I mean I have been vaced in 2 games for hacking. Now I would never go onto Olympus and start hacking purely because Olympus is my home and the only arma server I play on. I put so much time and energy into Olympus not only for myself but for the benefit of others. I hope I don't get permed .
  10. They never removed it when I was de whitelisted
  11. I'm not a cop and I think they shouldn't have NLR
  12. Just wait... they will get you, if they don't within a week I would PM a senior memeber on the forums or in teamspeak
  13. Wish I was still in the APD
  14. dude what are you smoking and where can i get it? seriously... If 4 cops died in a town i think that they would send in some fucking state police with some big ass guns and riot gear. They are not going to just let you go