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  1. Ajax

    Alright boys! I’ve got a list made and I’ll reach out to you individually based on what you want. It’s in an order and I’ll be making them in that order. It could take quite a while because for each image I’m making a custom vehicle and uniform texture (some of them I’m making multiple vehicles and uniforms) just want to let you know what how I will be going about these requests.
  2. Ajax

    its a custom made uniform...
  3. Ajax

    updated version for @Slumberjack
  4. Ajax

    @Slumberjack lmk if you want anything changed
  5. Ajax

    i dont think that was his intention
  6. Ajax

    this is officially the worst post ever
  7. 07ea76d526c723d202cae1656e86da00.jpg

    He returns

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    2. D P

      D P

      Thats me with civ council

    3. Gf.


      I found a new avatar, thank you!

    4. Hoonter


      This day extracts a heavy toll

  8. Finally I don’t have to see @Panda :) in the apd waiting room... Gratz dude well deserved

    1. Panda :)

      Panda :)

      Thanks brother <3

  9. Ajax

    You don’t need another thread just bump the previous one
  10. Ajax

    I wish lmao
  11. Ajax

    There are currently issues restricting me from joining the design team. I’m working on these issues in hopes that I will be able to join.
  12. Ajax

    I’m working on exams and essays rn but once I get through with those I’ll start making them for people. No charge, I like doing this for fun but if you want to tip me in Olympus money that’s appreciated too. I will also make custom vehicle and clothing textures for each one if you want just lmk what vehicle you want, give me an idea of what you want for a texture, what clothing texture you want, and what gun/gear you want to be holding. Also give me the name you want me to put on it. You can send me a PM or tag it on here, I’ll make a spreadsheet of all of them in order of who asked first and make them in that order. Also lmk if you want anything else added to it... for example the code in the background of the one I made for @ikiled
  13. Ajax

    I think you are the only person that is worse than me

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