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  1. Shawshank Redemption 100% one of the best movies ever
  2. Those are medic... there were 9 medics online a little bit ago
  3. I have that house on s1... decent house but I wouldn't say it's worth 3 mill
  4. Honestly I've had a guy steam call me... hang up, then 2 mins later send me my ip through steam. Probs a wire shark kiddie but then about a month later he messages me "I'm selling IP's of Olympus player" and I was like WTF? Then he sent me my IP again. He had a FULL DOCUMENT of all Olympus players IP addresses. I started using a VPN after that but got rid of it after a while.
  5. I found a 3 crater 130 from square and I bought it with 200k to spare... I wasn't letting up that offer.
  6. Damn I would buy this so quick if I had the money
  7. I used to average 30 frames in kavala.... now I avaerage around 50 while it's gone up to 80.... all on ultra settings with my view distance maxed out! it definetly runs much smoother and I haven't gotten a texture bug since downloading, my game only crashed once since the download. I love the update but I have heard people complaining that it sucks. I do have a theory for that however. Arma was very CPU intensive and it proboably still is, but what if they made it more beneficial to have a better GPU? I only have an I5 gen 4 but I also have a GTX 970 for a graphics card. Just a theory, proboably wrong but I may do some testing! I think that this update was VERY good for people like MY but it also could have ruined the game for other people.
  8. Would be pretty cool! Not actually a bad idea. But imagine how bad it would be for the shed in kavala...
  9. I mean I have been vaced in 2 games for hacking. Now I would never go onto Olympus and start hacking purely because Olympus is my home and the only arma server I play on. I put so much time and energy into Olympus not only for myself but for the benefit of others. I hope I don't get permed .
  10. They never removed it when I was de whitelisted
  11. I'm not a cop and I think they shouldn't have NLR
  12. Just wait... they will get you, if they don't within a week I would PM a senior memeber on the forums or in teamspeak
  13. Wish I was still in the APD
  14. dude what are you smoking and where can i get it? seriously... If 4 cops died in a town i think that they would send in some fucking state police with some big ass guns and riot gear. They are not going to just let you go
  15. 07 I remember when you helped me out on medic a lot... you will be missed!
  16. 300m from rebel... Make offers
  17. Bidding will end at 2pm eastern time
  18. I'm fucking sleeping wait till the morning
  19. @Flume did you like when we squared up in kavala and you beat the shit outta me?
  20. I was in kavala for 20 mins today and I was tazed 3 times randomly out of nowhere by a spar-16, 3/4 of the times i had a 30k bounty so they couldn't send me to jail... please remove this gun because it has become a HUGE pain in the ass to report literally half of the kavala population. This being said, we could also make the price needed to send people to jail higher. The bounty prices were changed so why not make the Vigi limit higher to match that?
  21. MC
  22. Jerk circle for it? Whoever cums first loses?
  23. Best I can do is McLovins from Superbad...
  24. SO TRUE! Y'all think that orcas are bad try combat landing a ghosthawk