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  1. 76461183718472843
  2. Cheese for those of you that didn't see the other post he made ^^
  3. Me 2
  4. We have reached a new low of medics being cry babies over the littlest things . the only REAL medic in town in @Muthinator
  5. Mah boy
  6. Is that server 1? If so that is @Strikke's old garage
  7. I mean what is the point of having a dpi slider other than for dpi glitching... even in any game
  8. oh well xD https://gyazo.com/9cf0cc2942dec8ab7470e846b0a78aba
  9. can confirm... one time i remember @codeyeti soldered his headphones straight onto his sound card because they weren't working properly... xD wouldn't recommend that tho
  10. I'm just laughing at how Strikke made it up there xD
  11. We just don't like it when people post shitty videos on the forums
  12. what processor do u have?
  13. tbh Falcon is right... I would just buy a really cheap one until you can buy a new good one
  14. oh jesus you keep changing your story... Honestly you sound like a kid whose balls haven't dropped yet... please just stay off the forums until you can restrain yourself from posting dumb shit, thank you very much!
  15. 300m? thats like standard distance... talk to me when your hitting 800m shots
  16. u killed a guy in a quilin and another guy with no vest... I think we have a god on our hands
  17. Yes, if u upgrade it fully you can pull out helicopters now so it is the equivalent of gold
  18. I'll sell mine for 12 million
  19. Nah Carowinds Front row on the worlds tallest gigacoaster is amazing!
  20. Will this roller coaster get shutdown too?
  21. Uo give ya a dolla! How far from meth tho?
  22. Y'all this thread is over a month old... I understand that it's sad but jesus stop responding
  23. How bout no? No need it's just a waste of money for @Poseidon and why did you repeat it like 30 times? I think we can all read the first one
  24. Y'all I thought this was about Hexadecimal colors... don't trick me like that
  25. That's why I use Track IR