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  1. https://gyazo.com/6b984eff0fb2dc60891c2efcb1487cee
  2. https://gyazo.com/343eb7a37897d2c56c1df2dc70001929
  3. yo this has been my desktop background since Muth first made it like a year ago lol your signature that is Ignore all of the icons...
  4. Im a pretty average guy :)

  5. https://gyazo.com/7bd3a6868b13f4abc3158d52145a3100
  6. I don't see how you could fail if you have a whole online community buying merch from your store??? its actually a pretty good idea.. Ill support it!
  7. YO BUT FOR REAL CAN WE GET OLYMPUS MERCH? XD... @DeadPool1337 can make it
  8. Not to sound like a debby downer but some of these restrictions may interfere with other players who haven't been banned... Like halfing the money when being robbed. That would affect whoever is robbing them. and what if they just sell tons of drugs? If i killed them before they could store the money I would be pretty fucking ticked off if i didn't get the money.
  9. How do I play this game?
  10. Ya don't volunteer for Olympus... you get paid in all the amazing and fun situations you come across o7 I remember when you first became staff... gonna miss ya
  11. If your getting the same performance for a lot cheaper I would buy it now... plus you have the fact that you have TWO graphics cards so if one fails you have another... if you only use the 1080 it could fail then RIP graphics
  12. I'm still confused...
  13. FIRE... yes I take Latin my dude I chose Ajax because it is a term in the jquery language that updates websites without refreshing it... also because he is a Greek Warrior and that is pretty badass.
  14. You only get ts and forum VIP tags if you donate 250 dollars or more... as for the recent thing I have no idea
  15. Too many effects make it look bad... most people like simplicity
  16. I've seen one in my house the size of my hand xD... we got big ones where we live
  17. He doesn't understand sarcasm... or logic
  18. @TheCmdrRex I wanna post that picture of you but don't wanna get u in trouble with ur crazy boss
  19. Fuk @TheCmdrRex

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