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  1. god i hate silla so fucking vdm gang
  2. Brandon PC stands with you and hopes for a swift and painful demise of the silla gang
  3. i come around a corner and a mf screams "tackle" at my ass and restrains me I'm o7ing
  4. I think maybe if the next gang wars has some kind of dip based prize people would be more interested. In addition I think adding dip in any form to Olympus life would greatly improve the server
  5. @ Ryan review the ban appeal now. wont ask again.
  6. 6 gorgs for everything final offer
  7. the olympus community is made up exclusively of convicted felons and children, our opinions mean nothing and we should be hunted off the face of the earth
  8. ex admin here. Its a misconception that RVD is against the rules, its not and is in fact encouraged.
  9. @Gunhand you dip bro? heard they're thinking about bringing that to the server soon. and unban me from your stream man I did nothing wrong

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