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  1. too afraid to even mention 8 ball
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198122891934/
  3. Got about 11 ghilles 250k each willing to negotiate on prices
  4. Yes irl cops would continue to come it is a strange game mechanic to have, I think reduced nlr like 5 minutes would be ok, some time to get away but you couldn't stay In the same location . not including bw or fed
  5. The solution might not be to remove to tazing but to add more choices in apd gear, for instance maybe a vest that is tazer proof but has less or no ballistic protection
  6. How about whenever anyone places any bomb it kills everyone on the server and wipes their bank accounts and unbanns pancake from his 7 day Just a suggestion tho
  7. We could always just only change the price tag for Civs and leaves cops with a high price tag because of the difference in cop rules and strategy (spawning with different stuff, no NLR, gear more available)
  8. As you all know in the recent update the vermin was changed, I for one think this was a good change but upon seeing the pricing of the vermin I thought it could use some changes. The vermin is very similar to the PDW but the price is nearly 4 times that of the PDW, this injustice cannot stand and I think we should lower the pricing. I did the research and with the GA carrier GL rig the Vermin can kill in 13 shots while the PDW can kill in 12 (all directly to the chest) With the Enhanced Combat Helmet (Tropic) the Vermin can kill in 4 shots while the PDW can kill in 3 (to the head) The damage on the PDW is slightly higher than that of the Vermin, but Damage isn't everything according to the virtual arsenal is as follows As you can see the rate of fire and accuracy of the vermin is slightly higher than that of the PDW while the PDW has a higher impact Considering this I think the Vermin's price tag should be changed to somewhere around the 25k-15k range, this is only a suggestion and could be changed to whatever the admins see fit. Note: This is in Virtual arsenal and Eden Editor, Olympus has changed certain damage values so if the admins could fill me in on any changes that would effect either of these guns please feel free to reply and tell us how they would effect them. **SORRY I MEANT TO PUT THIS IN FEEDBACK & SUGGESTIONS**
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