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  1. Sid

    There's a love letter in your mailbox 😉

  2. Remove NLR within city limits and decrease the NLR timer to 5-10 minutes outside cities.
  3. @Tr_Revenge, I am not an admin nor have I ever told you such. I have a nasty habit of super jumping which can be against the rules if used to gain an advantage in a combat situation. What saddens me Revenge is we used to be good friends. We spent hours together in Kavala. You taught me a little bit of Turkish and we shared moments like this. https://streamable.com/hkkcmr The sheer enjoyment in your voice is something I will always remember. I hope when you come back we can be friends again because you are a fun person to be around.
  4. He sold grandma garys house on S1 for ~170m
  5. @SummeDummkopf I'll comp you full amount you were scammed. The guy that did scam you is now kicked from Silla. Sorry.
  6. Tammy

    vdm pro

    I think I got you beat https://streamable.com/3nng0

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