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  1. shoot it down
  2. im permed pretty much for this bs
  3. i was just told i wont be unbanned cause i got an F-
  5. Do i have a combat exploit? Tell me what you mean by that
  6. can i be in it?
  7. i dont care im going to be the next dictator after trump anyways
  8. @Peter Long will I be able to lagswitch this gang wars
  9. Actually I have been on a hot spot for the last 4 days and they are finally fixing the internet What gang are you playing with?
  10. Finally i can shit on these kids
  11. what is this shit Im kidding
  12. I can't ever think of a scenario when I need a bipod
  13. Shhhhhh
  14. 3mil
  15. I want it I'll give you 10k