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  1. you can have zero forum content and still be better then the kids who make montages to songs my little sister listens too
  2. rdm in kavala
  3. i can only imagine the amount of time wasted on comp reports from idiots
  4. 5.2 is a decent deal for dms tbh
  5. will she show titties if i clutch
  6. ghost hotel for meth pro .
  7. good ol fucking kavala is a riot . all the newbs tryna make there 50k and getting all butthurt
  8. kavala is literally home of the im gunna buy a rook and shoot every kid in the face then after when you pay your 150k ticket you sit by the gate and try to close it on cop cars
  9. damn i just got fuckin annihilated time to end my life
  10. if your name is samantha you’re a whore, change my mind
  11. Or if you have Really good hacks, you can just say fuck it all and insta kill whole gangs at once across the whole map on the server it will look like someone free fired a titan at you and there won’t even be a death message
  12. you should just download esp and aimbot or some pulldowns for when you wanna be less obvious. if you have enough ip addresses maybe a net limiter will help out as well for cartel fights. And you should montage the whole thing as well nobody will even notice
  13. i really wanted to see more arma gangs on here so If you guys actually wanna come with teams and try to make it happen like that’d be cool . When I play rust I always have a solid team around soo if y’all wanna actually compete and shit join the server either this wipe or next or Something somewhere it would be fun let’s talk about it
  14. i was gunna play that game but my friend who hacks and literally every single game but arma told me it’s got alot of cheaters and isn’t worth it

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