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    i can agree but vigi at least has more balls and actually cares about death cuz they lose something unlike apd where it’s like a fucking pack of money hungry retards with the main retard ordering his other retards to swarm like a chinese zerg asylum cop i literally hooked people up all day knowing what they had to lose laid back whatever ... olympus cops will patrol in ghosthawks and tell you to carry a titan lil bitch and all try an get eachother demoted in the process like xd

    if you REALLY think about it Tree is literally the best roleplay name of all time what gang name can you actually use to your advantage to “sacrifice” (rdm) people ?

    ily rambler o7
  4. i seriously had a ton of good clips but they all got deleted when i had to factory reset my computer. it was giving me the blue screen of death intermittently. i was gunna make a “end of gang life” montage/movie i had probably 30 minutes of me and josh122 arguing , orgondo singing , me and daevon saving ghenghis from the cops and they had to pay him a mil 1v9 vs a rebel raid and rabid the last cop got me and falcon (i was gunna put like 4 clips of where falcon jus totally failed me lol) could’ve jus ran up to the heli killed him and saved me cuz it was Just spooling up and if rabid got out he would’ve been dead af but he tried to shoot rabid out through the back of the orca lololol just all good times good shots etc fuckin all got deleted , i had a solid gold clip of me and @Jaeger Mannen and the rest of tree listening to polka music in direct chat and everyone was like leaning and doing weird dance moves in the game but we were also at meth lab with like 14 hemit boxes and all of a sudden like 4 of us get blown up by a grenade and MC jus fuckin shits on us all and robs us lmao
  5. i never really recorded much but i had a clip where i killed 3 cops taze traded the last one, and @McDili was the last guy left and he ran over and restrained me and i’m like hah mcdil doesn’t even know how fuckin dead he is then tree falcon (idk what to tag) who had the most gigantic window of opportunity, wiffed on mcdili and killed ME and then mcdili lethaled falcon with his little pea shooter cop pistol. i cried inside a little bit

    hahaha ily dude . hell yeah . make some kids uninstall rust . when u come back we both gotta c how fuckin washed we are at arma tho lmfao there arent many good players left on the servers

    actually that is a good meme glad to have seen what both side were like. tbh fighting mc was fun and probably the only reason I played then i joined MC and then that was the only reason I played then MC disbanded then @Josh122 was the only reason i stuck around even though i kinda shafted him in the arma BrK deal, the retard sold his computer for hookers and meth or something. now il only get on if @Orgondo wants to play but even then.. good fucking luck i hate this shitty game now after so long you realize how fucking terrible fighting is, literally waiting for hours to kill a couple people in 3rd person it’s retarded . 1st person server would be cool. but nowadays who relates arma to 1st person . still wonder what goes on on altis for some reason even though when I launch arma almost 2-3 minutes later I seriously regret it . evertiem bro

    i am inactive as fuck but I look at everyone post on arma shit nowadays i feel like everyone’s grandpa. i can’t even count the amount of people i’ve seen go from shitter to being in decent gang and all the people who came and gone at this point. i feel like i have bugged eyes and i shoot meth when i talk about how shit used to be Lol . times are changing boyz. if you still have the willpower to fight and live the arma life o7 to you

    the incredible hitboxes of arma 3 sounds like i’m not missing much in the new arma 3. where the meta is to buy the shittiest gun you can and roach as hard as you can cuz no nlr and warpointz bro
  10. RAYRAY

    time for somebody to neck themselves you won’t be missed
  11. RAYRAY

    you can have zero forum content and still be better then the kids who make montages to songs my little sister listens too
  12. RAYRAY

  13. RAYRAY

    rdm in kavala
  14. RAYRAY

    i can only imagine the amount of time wasted on comp reports from idiots
  15. RAYRAY

    5.2 is a decent deal for dms tbh

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