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    that shit has been in progress since i was 19 im 24 now

    imo cops should be able to raid houses because it is an individuals property but shouldn’t even be allowed to touch gang sheds or even be within 50 meters of it unless the member got chased there and is straight hiding in it i can’t kill cops at hq without 10 a second spawning but they’re allowed to camp my shed, makes sense

    actually glad most enemy gangs don’t do this to eachother anymore. i’ve been got before for like 5m though. should pretty much be an unspoken thing at this point not to camp sheds.. i’ve had cops arrest me at my shed before and tell me they were waiting for me im sure nothing will change though just like the 600 posts about ghost hawks needing to be changed and everyone basically got told to suck a dick but tbh maybe i haven’t been on as much but higher ups have been less of dicks with the g hawks lately/pulling them less often
  4. all you have to do is speak the words that i’ve taught you.... All Hail The Great Tree

    best comment
  6. comment below who the leader of tree is if you know
  7. i love u still bitch 


    fuck it brotha

    prepare to be laughed at by the entire community for a topic revisited almost 150 times at least you weren’t around when cops patrolled in ghosthawks and told you to carry a titan and git gud
  10. RAYRAY

    u mean Far beyond average ground breaking never been seen before RP> some rules
  11. RAYRAY

    " HES BEHIND THE FUKING ROCK' 'HES RIGHT FUCKING THERE GAWWWD" " those are all the callouts you will ever need
  12. yo literally fuck arma idek why im reading this arma post. Anyway. heard you're doing insane shit in rust.. went from not being able to 1v1 me or schiang to being considered the best ever xd, nice bro. long live BFC whenever i log in (which is not often at all) i always change my name xd last time it was "virginity"
  13. RAYRAY

    it was a joke lmfaoo olympus is always dieing
  14. RAYRAY

    u can add: moob quits ddos wars featuring: prime gang life? group life. armed planes orgondo quits olympus on death bed?

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