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  1. Shepard

    Yes you stowed your gun and then after repeatedly asking you to put your hands up, you did. This is correct
  2. Shepard

    So, some background for all of you. We were chasing his gang for a little while and lost them the first time. We came across him at Corn with his 37,500 bounty for an LEO Manslaughter. I attempted to take him into custody since i know he stowed an illegal weapon and was being toxic from the moment we made first contact. We ended up taking him into custody and I decided to transport him to pyrgos HQ since we had prior knowledge of his buddies being in the area and tazing people. We impounded his hemmit and started transport in an orca back to HQ.This is when he combat logged and then went into support room and requested my presence. This is where he started name calling and saying profanities toward me, asking me to just report him because "he does not give a fuck". All in All, thank you for making a forum post expressing your frustration toward me, glad I could make your day special in some way. Oh, and also, I will be submitting on you like i said, because your type of behavior regardless of what happened, was uncalled for. I was still showing respect toward you, and you proved to be short tempered and immature in this situation. See you around man.
  3. This is awesome, thanks!

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