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  1. You make me sick to my stomach
  2. Less than 24 hours ago you were talking shit in side chat... Fuck you nerd
  3. bro7 also for you...
  4. How about let us actually play basketball in jail
  5. Looks good... 4.2mil for the first one
  6. No..lets not get ahead of ourselves.. this house is completely useless
  7. Yo this new Pyrgos Rebel is 🔥🔥🔥

  8. eta on Pyrgos Rebel location revert??? Not only did you put it on a low lying beach, next to a hill , right underneath DP22... but you also disabled all the viable houses within a 1km of it. Way to make the moonshine gangs even more OP.. boi you dumbashell for that one..
  9. "Olympus really be poppin"

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