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  1. ur still a fuckin admin m8 treat ppl with the lowest standard of respect
  2. If U think about it silla has enough members in their gang to take up all 140 slots they can legit take the server
  3. tbh i got a corsair keyboard best i have ever had
  4. Shadexz


    Any1 know y my screen just cuts out and I can’t see anything farthe (not my overall view I put it at 12k and it didn’t change).
  5. Your like the ends on a loaf of bread. Nobody wants you
  6. Capture.PNG.b5af4f72ca91f3712e67ff6809dbac9d.PNG m8 if ur gonna post an o7 than leave

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    2. Skys


      hang 10 in the ocean freak

    3. Jordan540


      @Monks  😀

      edit: nvm 2017 lol

    4. Monks


      @Grandma Gary lmao had to stop by and see how far the server has fell, surprised to see it's still going tbh so gj mate! 

      Also lmao @Jordan540

  7. Say 1 word after Sumone else and make a story The
  8. Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  9. betting 30m on green not giving a fuck waking up the next day wanting to kms
  10. u act like i care bout my social status lel
  11. was playin airsoft in my backyard and my fuckin karen neighbor called the cops any1 else got airsoft stories?
  12. If you enjoy a form of cancer slowly creeping up your spine than yes come back

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