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  1. it was a fucking copy pasta get some culture u pig
  2. ditto
  3. school bus because our parents dont love us IGN: [VX] Vincent
  4. talindor does lots of event you should ask him
  5. that is a lie. @Muthinator doesn't let people stay blacklisted for very simple things he is very understanding. you did something wrong. stay blacklisted. //thread
  6. least your could do is list all the weapons instead of just an OTHER
  7. and again people getting upset is because of stuff like tazing from afar and no nlr. those things are in the server rules. you cannot hate the majority of cops for a rule that was made by 1 chief and several admins
  8. he is a bit salty but the problem is "robo copping" is only frowned upon. but is it really a problem? I don't really think so. some situations call for it. but the minority of people who abuse the fact you can do it is what sucks. people only post about the bad experiences with apd and this is the most disliked thing. never has someone come on to the forums to praise us on a daily basis. only flame
  9. every event done in the past 1-2 months has been ruined by this toxic player base haha
  10. @Peter Long @McDili @Plumber @Talindor @Ares @Poseidon
  11. @McDili you da man. all we need now is last months update to come out xd

    1. Jesse



      It was a lot of work...

    2. Vincent Jacobs

      Vincent Jacobs

      @Jesse  yeah i know this isn't your so called job either just excited and tired of waiting

    3. Jesse


      Yeah I know. Didn't mean it mean. Just wanted to show you that things are indeed happening.

  12. i have crippling depression
  13. but they don't do that. dont tell me tell them
  14. If there is going to be a rule change about name please do not continue to allow symbols to be used. It is very confusing to new players to see a text message from someone saying "hands up or die by new kings" and then someone with the * walks up to them and blasts them.