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  1. The entire planet. The community of scientists who also devote their lives to science. We wouldn’t know nearly as much as we would if Stephen Hawking devote his life. He was one of the most brilliant men to ever live. His name is being put next to Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Aristotle, and many other scientists who advanced human understanding.
  2. Know we care because he was one of the smartest men to ever live and advanced the human understanding of so many areas of our galaxy. Not to mention he could have stopped once he was diagnosed with ALS and given up, but instead he continued living and devoting his life to science. So, respectfully, shut the fuck up. gotta love down voting your post and then within a minute you downvote of one of my random posts. Salty?
  3. Another thing. It seems like moonshine is a super short run now. You also can have less risk if you own houses in any of the three DP's between new trader and processing. With the old trader you had to go a long distance from pro and also had more risk as lots of people travel across the area you had to drive. Now, if you just finish your run and travel to the east coast, there’s pretty much no risk considering no one ever goes over that coast. In general, it’s far too easy without houses, and with houses nearby it’s insanely easy money.
  4. Save your breath Seth
  5. He’s not asking IF you were about both but WHICH ONE do you worry about more. In my opinion, helis are more dangerous there as that area is not commonly patrolled by most cops in ground vehicles.
  6. I think coke gang hideout needs to be moved now cause coke is now a pretty short run and that gang shed is right along the MSR which isn’t the most ideal. Maybe move it to the other side and move it a couple hundred meters off of the MSR.
  7. Do you want both a helicopter and ifrit skin? Or just one of them?
  8. There’s a lot of other reasons. It’s closest to warzone so you’re more likely to have rebels rob you. It’s in a spot that is commonly flown over by police when traveling from neochori or pyrgos to kavala, and viceversa. It’s also one of the longest ones and requires you to cross a popular MSR and also goes near a black market. Not to mention it’s very out of the way of any escape.
  9. WTF????? Pilot coveralls are nowhere near 1.3 mil. You high?? Like for real you're offering 1.95 mil for a T5 vest and pilot coveralls. You're and insane and if anyone buys them they're even more insane
  10. If I remember properly, the two are drug possession and possession of contraband. My understanding is that now drug possession counts only for actual drugs whereas possession of contraband counts either for all illegal items or just items that are illegal that aren’t drugs. So if you have drugs and lockpicks you should get both, but if you only have drugs, I think you should only get drug possession. That’s how it should be anyway if it isn’t already.
  11. Appendix

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      I don't have one anymore :(

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  12. That’s a fancy lookin name you got there

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      Exceptionally gay

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  13. Oh no. @Stuuurrt got staff.



  14. @Hoonter Congratz on corp!!!!!!!

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