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  1. Dangus

    o7 Rex. We had some great moments and you were by far the best chief I got to serve under. I know I'm kind of late to the party but I just wanted to say that playing with you are some of the best memories I have of the APD, minus smoking weed in Kavala square. You also gave me some of the best advice and I sometimes wonder where I'd be if I actually listened and I definitely did regret not following it. Have fun in retirement and enjoy college.
  2. Dangus

    "Well it's not really copy and pasting, it's more of a drop down menu" I lol'd at this.
  3. Dangus

    So just a building basically......
  4. CONGRATZ @Pledge! Well deserved

    1. Pledge


      Thanks man!

  5. FUCK!!!! Server filled up faster than I could eat a fucking hot pocket

  6. Good luck with the MCSD!!

  7. Way to go @Kurt!






    i think.....

  8. Dangus

    Now I'm definitely not helping you because you clearly don't want to be in the R&R, and frankly, I kind of hope you stay blacklisted ASK FOR STAFF TO TAKE DOWN THE POST!!! THAT'S THE VERY FIRST THING I TOLD YOU! I also doubt you have sent a sincere message to the coordinators.
  9. Dangus

    This is the last thing I tell you because it seems like you don't care about this as much as you say or claim you do. Posting this on the forums was very immature for starters. So, get it removed, now. Once that is done, then you need to message the coordinators and sincerely apologize for lying about your age and for making this post on the forums calling a Sr R&R member a dick and immature. Once you do that you have a lot better chance of getting into the R&R in a few months. If you don't do this stuff, I can guarantee that you will get a permanent blacklist from the R&R. If you don't want that happening, ask to have this post removed. Like someone said, you've received a lot of very good advice from people, including myself, who have been on Olympus for a long time and know how things operate. Now it's your decision on what to do.
  10. Dangus

    Anything is possible but your options are fading quickly. Seriously, I recommend you ask that this be taken down and send an apology.
  11. Dangus

    Again, if you have a problem with how the R&R member handled it, then speak to the Head R&R Coordinator. Forums is not the place to resolve the issue, ever. The longer you do this back and forth, the more it will hurt you.
  12. Dangus

    Send a sincere message apologizing for bringing your own blacklist to the forums like this. Apologize for calling the Sr R&R member a dick who's immature. Show remorse and you might have a chance in a couple months.
  13. Dangus

    I'm saying if you are kind enough, maybe you could only have to wait 2-3 months. Again, at the rate you're going, that blacklist is going to become permanent
  14. Dangus

    If you don't want to ruin your chances, which you may have already done, I recommend you ask that staff lock and hide this post, and then send a sincere message to 'Whoever checks the blacklist appeal' apologizing for calling them immature and a dick as none of the R&R can be described in that way. Once that is done, consider sending a message to the R&R Coordinator asking if there's anyway you could be a medic in the future if you wait a certain amount of time or do a certain thing to make up for it. Making a post is a very immature thing to do and I hope you heed to my warning because if you keep at it, it could be a perm blacklist.
  15. Dangus

    Sounds good. I was just thinking if someone were to request help from a staff member via the text message and all the sudden some dude pops up wearing random gang tags and has esp enabled that the person would be confused.

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