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  1. Bitch never said videos
  2. Dangus

    Like you have room to speak. -637 rep, tag named shitter, and oh look, even your description sums it up "toxic squeaker"
  3. Dangus

    And trying to see the most hated staff member is the way to laugh. God you two are cancer
  4. Dangus

    Can they be permed from the forums again?
  5. Dangus

    The problem is for newer players, it could be very misleading if Deadpool posts something as they could easily take it as fact of the server. Like if for some odd reason Deadpool is memeing around and says RDM is okay to do, and then some of the group members might think it’s true and might rdm then. Not saying it’s likely, but it’s possible and that poses a risk for the community as a whole. And gtfo with your legal bullshit.
  6. Dangus

    Deadpool didn’t. Literally googles first post I’m this thread says that he told Mcdili.
  7. Dangus

    It’s because he should not be in charge of a large group of Olympus players with the ability to do what he wants with it. I don’t think he would, but he has a lot more potential to if he owns the steam group. It should be a senior Admin or Admin at least. Also, stop suckin his dick please.
  8. Dangus

    You again? Here we go again. You have what, 260 hours on the server? Impressive really, that you think you know how this server is supposed to work, and also that you think you’re relevant. If you can’t complete a Fed without a blackfish then that shows you aren’t that good. All you do is have numbers. The gang I did the majority of feds and BW's with was Tree. I can’t tell you one time where we used a blackfish to win and get away from one of the events. Also, when nearly every cop has worse gear than you, it’s kind of expected that you kill them and win the fight. I also don’t understand how we can “clutch when were transporting in a blackfish” when most cops have at best a 6.5. In case you were wondering, 6.5 is basically a pea shooter against the blackfish. So don’t tell me that we need to be better when the only reason you win is because you have a flying fortress of a vehicle. Also don’t complain about, “well use a ghosthawk then” because Sr's aren’t gonna pull a g-hawk when you have 2-3 titans and there is pretty much 0% chance the ghosthawk survives. You are special aren’t you
  9. Dangus

    Frankly, I don’t think this is the greatest solution to the problem. In my opinion it seems like a slight knee jerk reaction. I think increasing the price would fix the problem. I know that that isn’t something sAPD can control, but I think it should be considered over this. Like I did sometimes legit see people using them for legal runs and whatnot. Now, I do know that something needs to be done because it is super fucking dumb that civs can finish a Fed and get away scott free in their blackfish. Like, yeah it can’t actually transport that much gold, but it also can’t be shot down by any cop other than sAPD members if they want to pull a hawk. Even then, unless they’re landed, there isn’t even enough time to do enough damage in the hawk, cause they’ll just fly away.
  10. Anyone play heroes and generals?

  11. Happy fucking birthday @TheCmdrRex!! Didn’t realize your birthday was the day after mine.

  12. I don't play anymore, but when I see kids as retarded as you, it hurts me not to say something. I also don't need money whatsoever, as I still have nearly 12 mil. And if you think I suck dick, you're dead wrong, cause if I sucked Olympus dick, I would have gotten a lot farther in this community than I did, but I have more integrity than to do that. You seriously are autistic though, and my brain cells are literally dying with every word you say.
  13. For starters, you're autistic. To my actual talking points. I played cop for nearly two years, and was corporal for almost an entire year. So don’t act like, "oh I’ve played for 2 months, I know everything". Ground vehicles have to be upgraded or you won’t catch suspects, simple as that. And for corporals and up, helis can cost a lot for a couple reasons. 1. We can’t just be careful with our heli and if we’re about to get shot, just fly away. Our job is to stop the people who shoot at us and do illegal things, which means we can’t fuckin auto hover land just to be safe. This means we put our helicopters right in the line of fire each time we chase someone. When you only play cop as a corporal, which I have done, you fly a lot of helis and in turn, lose a lot of helis. So, don’t tell me it doesn’t cost that much for vehicles. I played for 3-4 months straight only as cop while I was a corporal, and I had several stretches where all I did was lose money. In that stretch of time, I had a net profit of 1-2 million. If I spent that much time making money on civ, I could’ve made more than 50 mil. Even after the increase to 600k, I still struggled to make a profit while on cop. Also, most corporals have enough brain cells to lethal when it may even be slightly necessary. I rarely lethaled fresh spawns with pdubs even if I could. Also, part of the reason we would decide to lethal is because of how autistic and annoying the kids we were fighting were. Don’t tell me "it’s what you signed up for", cause it isn’t. I signed up to roleplay with people when I arrest them, not scream their head off. This is a roleplay server, not a bitchfest server, although that’s what it feels like when I see people like you are on the server. Come in here again thinking you’re the shit and you know everything, and I’ll fuck your shit up.
  14. Dangus

    As a former corporal and FTO, I can state that FTO had no game benefits to them. We didn’t have any different gear then any other corporal, and so what you’re asking for is another rank between PO and corporal, and that’s really isn’t needed. Like Rex said, he's using the corporals to test the waters and make sure it works as intended. From what it sounds like, it will probably be given to PO's in the near future. Just be patient, and if you really want it, well, that’s just more incentive to grind for corporal. No need to add some sort of rank in my opinion. Also, @Pledge I'm happy that we got that medic to place down the cones for that checkpoint.

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