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  1. If i get banned, then ban evade and report myself. will i get money?
  2. @Queach For beautiful karaoke! Dont worry, i got myself in there
  3. So people donate for olympus server 3 and they cant even play on it from 2am - 2pm?
  4. I like this. This is fun
  5. Should There Be A Market For Players To Sell Items To Other Players?
  6. How much do you want for one?
  7. If anyone is selling or can buy Berets please message me
  8. Go play A3L If ur just gonna attempt to rob people and strip search them
  9. still depressed i wasnt a singer for this.
  10. Does Dante Fluery Ban To Much?
  11. AK-12 is 200k though, I mean. I just put this pole up just cuz i wanted to see peoples opinions. This wasnt supposed to turn into a post strictly about MX's.
  12. Going back to MX, I understand that 7.62 is better than MX but as i said before, MX's have 0 recoil what so ever.
  13. Both I mean, If the Olympus Staff consider putting in more options to rebels/civs, Then i would be more specific but for now I was just curious to see what people thought. I am aware of it but its kind of hard when cops are 10x more Over Powered then Rebels considering they have MX's, which have literally 0 recoil and then also have Taser rounds.
  14. Should Rebels Have More Access To Different Guns/Cars?
  15. If you mean a member of Olympus, you already are a member. You have joined the forums and the server! Have fun and enjoy your time here!

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