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    Happy Birthday Buddy!

    1. Orgondo


      The fact that you found this is gold. Lol thanks

  2. Server went to shit when Poseidon left.
  3. Im guessing some DLC Items are gonna be added to olympus servers?
  4. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198167953738/
  5. Love you corporal hawk <3
  6. So hyped for this update but not gonna be able to play when its released for IRL reasons
  7. Yea i understand staff are busy with everything they do but it was just a thought, im sure it would get a lot of attention
  8. Im not too sure if its been discussed before but just a personal opinion, I think it would be super cool for olympus to have its own app in the App store and Google Play store, I feel like it would be so much easier and more fun to open a app and look at stats or forums. Like i said, its probably been discussed before but im not sure.
  9. I will fuck you up on all the facts. SHe is mine. Fuck off
  10. Buyer beware. I don't really ever scam people. but i don't like bots.
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