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  1. Smokin for you boys today @Shades @GluxDesigns

    1. GluxDesigns


      thanks bro we will too haha

  2. I always suspected you were gay. Now its confirmed.
  3. A nice fat spliff would go nicely with that glass of ice water!!!
  4. taking offers https://gyazo.com/acfac5f0d47fb1b4bdad0524a93a3c86
  5. Taking offers will let go for fairly cheap
  6. What server? Ive got one on s2
  7. Consider being permed a good thing. Olympus is your best bet.....unless you like getting mass kicked every hour. Some things will never change.
  8. To be honest man I dont know.....Last fight Khabib was in against Al Iaquinta he showed some weaknesses.....could go either way.
  9. Damn @ChubbyElf happy birthday my dude!

  10. Kami i've told you many times, stop watching gay porn!
  11. Kitui needs to get his teeth smashed out asap
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