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  1. 18eqwxw.jpg

    When people would hear me say "Watch out for them robot aliens?" and "they aint takin my TV cause I got a shotgun" it's because I had a feeling. Get ready everyone. Olympus will hopefully send scientists soon to investigate!  @Gluxdator and @Secret Agent @Ares

  2. Shades

    Hadi only roleplays with bullets in people’s head.
  3. Congrats to one of my little bros @Dr Bambino. He is now a part of the guala guala Sr. Medic family.  To the lodge!

    1. Dr Bambino

      Dr Bambino

      Hell yeah man! Thanks for the support


  4. I am looking to get Founder rank on donations. Need sponsors to help me out! I will pimp out profiles with some bad ass art for those who sponsor me! Please and thank you. <3 Many bowls will be smoked in thanks.

    1. Strikke


      I already spent all my money on mine :( 

    2. Fake and Gay Grandma

      Fake and Gay Grandma

      I can provide bowls, that is it 

  5. Shades

    I don’t know any position on Olympus that has exterior incentives such as money. This position is a voluntary position for the improvement of our community, not for personal gain. Maybe the exterior incentive is that you will walk away with more knowledge on this type of art and also you can add it to your portfolio for a better “real paying job” down the road. :3 That’s what real artists do.
  6. Shades

    o7 As a person I am glad I got to meet you. You know I am down to smoke you out. As an artist I loved your style. Have fun and keep doing you man.
  7. @CHAZ 2.0 You’re one of the first people to show me how brutal Olympus can be for new people. Lol. You’ll always be my first. Sad to see you go and hope to see you return.
  8. I got everyone in Kav on S2 smoking some dank ass green.  Even all the cops.

    1. KGB JOSH

      KGB JOSH

      Do you have evidence of the cops doing it?

    2. snipeZ
  9. Let’s all smoke up tomorrow in Kav. :3

    1. Gluxdator


      Weed, Fireworks, Food, Bitches, and RnR will hand out free Sativa based edible lollipops. 

    2. Strae


      Think we would het banned if we got all 110 people on the server to smoke weed at the same time in kavala + 220 ifrit smokes

    3. Daddy Fenwick

      Daddy Fenwick

      Count me in boys !!

  10. Congratulations @Secret Agent on becoming a Designer. Lots of questions and hard work paid off. 

  11. @Gluxdator Soon our presence on Twitch will be real. I sure hope the world is ready for us.

    1. Gluxdator


      It dam well better be lol. 

  12. never downvote me |




    1. Shades


      You do know I really don’t give any shits about my rep right? I could have a billion negative rep or a billion positive rep and I would still make it work. Lol. You do you. 

  13. Shades

    Why you hatin all the time? You need to smoke a bowl and get laid bro.
  14. Gonna be here and there for the next couple of days with a move. I will be more active once settled in my new crib. 

    1. Hadi Mokdad

      Hadi Mokdad

      Take it easy bro

    2. Drama


      Yo me too bro. Gl with the move 

  15. I can't get on the server for some reason...

    1. Soulz


      Apparently steam is down 

    2. Shades

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