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  1. Every update seems to be the biggest update we have had in awhile...
  2. looking to buy two of each.. trades for bulk vest and csats for other rare shit mar-10s 7.62 sups ext odds and ends. check TS "Umbrella" pass leon if you wana talk
  3. 200k for 10 Like 200k each I’m buying 10 so 2m
  4. time to go rdm on asylum
  5. BIG Nem

    wtb wp

    15k each my bad buying WP for 15k each thanks
  6. BIG Nem

    wtb wp

    10k each
  7. 3.5m for each starting.
  8. i have a armed quillin and prowler, looking to sell or trade one for AT off road.
  9. MX, MXM, type 115 and mk1s Would like roughly 15 any combination of what I asked for MX 175k MXM 250k type 115 300k mk1s starting at 1m
  10. BIG Nem

    WTB WP

    I’ll pay 15k for any amount you can get me up to 200 send me a text
  11. BIG Nem

    WTB WP

    15k each buying 200 give or take 100
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