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  1. This is the truth that everyone needs to see! Make Olympus Great Again!
  2. Sorry you have the attention span of an goldfish and can't watch the full video to see what happened.
  3. Please watch the entire video, rabid/kamikaze confirmed it was 'hidden' that enganged who was with the attackers in this situation.
  4. And once again this video is 26 minutes long and I know for a fact you haven't watch the full length of the video to see the entire situation unfold.
  5. The video is 26 minutes long, please watch the full video to see the entire context of the situation.
  6. The video is 26 minutes long, please watch the full video to see the entire context of the situation.
  7. Its a long video but it reflects the current situation of olympus staff and some of their corruptions. I have many more videos of situations similar to this that shows admin/mod abuse but this one is pretty classic. Added some memes at the very end just for fun. Rabid 'hehe xD' was upset he lost his gear w/ 7.62 suppressor and started pulling every string he had to get it back and make sure I was banned. There was no due process and I was live banned for 2 x RDM - 5 Days. I enjoy trolling/friendly banter in game especially when I get 3 geared players in restraints, nonetheless, DB/TI and a mod. Outside of the game I try to be as respectful as possible and keep my cool given the circumstances of the situation. If anyone asks why I didn't join support when told in-game, its because I don't find it right to have to be told to visit support after every engagement I have just because the other party didn't come out on top and are complaining about losing everything/rule breaks. Would love to hear what everyone things about this, leave some comments! Here is a link to the compilation of events that occurred:
  8. John was just completing his objective. Nothing to see here.
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