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  1. omfg congratz you make ur dad so proud!!!!!


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    2. hawk
    3. Dante


      1 hour ago, Apathy said:

      I thought he was corporal??? sorry i havnt played in a while

      Then he became an inactive POS ;)

    4. Aunt Jemima
  3. aye happy bday



    and savage too :d

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    2. hawk


      @Savage Trying to keep your birthday on the low when it's posted on a public forum on the internet? :thinking-face_1f914:

    3. Savage


      @hawk idk dude but if I end up in a ts with u later tonight DONT FUCKING EAR RAPE

    4. hawk


      @Savage I just talk really loud :Kappa:

  4. congratz thor!!! :wub:





    play rust with me btw 

  5. Apathy

    No why would I be?
  6. Apathy

    Just increase price to 1.5mil and make insurance ~600k
  7. Apathy

    wow civs are winning NERF THEM This is why I stopped playing this server... Cops just get anything they want and are whinny little bitches when they don't stop a fed. They already have QILINS like wtf those things are mini ifrits. Defuse the bomb or park cars in the landings spots...
  8. Happy BDAY big nibba

  9. Happy BDAy my nibba

  10. Apathy

    dont talk shit about my boy warlord!!
  11. I'm sorry I don't play this game anymore. Maybe if I play again during the summer.
  12. Doubt that. I could probably get way more likes than your shitty memes if I posted a decent montage.

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