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  1. aww poor retard lost all his rep
  2. Just did a BW with 15 cops and 3 sergants... The best thing we got was a hunter... Did someone nerf the BW??

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    2. rapidaax


      Best I’ve seen come out of it is an armed Huron but that was few moons ago

    3. Apathy


      they are loads of fun and all...  its just aids when you fight off 15 cops with 3-4 sergants and hunters/striders coming in every wave andddd you dont get shit for your effort

    4. Invu


      we fought 3 sgts and an lt and only got a strider which now everyone can buy :FeelsBad:

  3. dude its in sofia like every house there is available what makes you think people are going to buy this haha
  4. One of the best physicists the world has seen. Even with ALS still accomplished tons of amazing things haha you should show some respect RIP buddy youll be missed.
  5. Happy BDAY chunky MONKEY :wub::wub::wub:

  6. 283 xd
  7. Happy BDAY man



























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    38sec btw...

    Edited by Apathy
  8. Congratz hopefully u can fix ur internet now hehe xd

  9. haha ur crazy
  10. you accidently added a space between the link and the .png i think bud
  11. thorrrr you make me proud son... Just remember who taught you the ways of cop :) cutie btw

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    2. thor.


      not exactly sure where you pulled that last one from...

    3. Zurph


      lets be real. Thor knows.

    4. Apathy


      Lets be real... I made him into a great cop... 

      I take credit for this beautiful creature have made

  12. happy bday nibba


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