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  1. kev

  2. happy birthday ddosing scammer @lou25000


    1. lou25000


      <3 thanks cutie pie (still waiting on that tit pic from amy)

  3. We say that because if the entire fucking group rushes for bomb room then no one is holding gates anymore and you can lose the fed/bw extremely easily. It is much easier to have 1-3 guys loading bars and shit while everyone else continues to defend.
  4. Started up as wanting to do a fed and then a couple career cops hit me up so I let them join and then you guys got invited which I have no idea how it happened. The entire time we kept repeating "DON'T GO INTO BOMB ROOM UNLESS YOU ARE KEV or VIPER and a couple other guys or you will be shot" and one of the royal guys came in so we shot him. As soon as that happened everyone went apeshit and started spamming group chat with "kill final" and "execute order 66" you guys legit started calling us rats and shit for no reason because you had a retard in the group. Very simple solution: you want to a fed your way? Then host it yourself. Shit was funny as fuck tho when everyone was yelling killing eachother, felt like a fucking civil war
  5. kev

    1x armed huron, 1x armed prowler
  6. kev

    https://prnt.sc/k0fs4y pm or post offers below
  7. kev

    I got a fuckton of cop gear except its on S2 if your interested
  8. I got 1x armed qilin 3x armed prowler 2x armed huron
  9. I got a house in DP3 on S3 great for meth, 4crater and garage combo
  10. kev

    Listen, if im going first its gonna be 3.4mil
  11. kev

  12. kev

  13. kev

  14. kev

    offer me its on s2
  15. kev

    I got a 4 crater in RDM alley

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