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  1. you got bad rep, cannot trust
  2. 7.62, 6.5, and 9m suppressor rpg 5x rocket chrome strider armed qilin hunter
  3. offer msg or below
  4. u guys make me laugh
  5. happy birthday wetard @Last

  6. Can you claim the illegal vehicles? @McDili
  7. Yeah, I mean if you have all of what bow stated I don't see why not.
  8. lmao yeah but I prefer selling in bulk
  9. 3mil
  10. Dropping people off rooves is very effective if they don't die never saw this as something I would get removed over But perhaps you guys should add these to the handbook because not everyone thinks the same way
  11. 150k
  12. holy fuck dude your a legend how did you manage to 3 to 1 a cop?

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