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  1. kev

    3.5 mil lethal
  2. kev

    @TheCmdrRex who the fuck are these guys
  3. kev

    I deleted these shits
  4. @Viper


    1. Viper


      Woah broah, what happens on twitch stays on twitch :Kappa:

    2. Ryan


      22 minutes ago, Viper said:

      Woah broah, what happens on twitch stays on twitch :Kappa:

      Ah the good ole "parents arent home"

  5. civ is fun as fuck my favorite moments are federal events, breaking people out of HQs, and tasing cops
  6. kev

    eta on BW buff, harder than a fed and gear you get isn't even worth it compared to feds less qilins = more hunters and striders
  7. I have most of these things message mean with offer
  8. kev

    Trident made 96mil in one day selling bars at 55,000 so with inflation of todays economy (69,000 per bar) thats roughly 117mil in a day along with a successful bw with shit gear. Beat that shit boys
  9. kev

    So whoever attends the case first decides what happens? I just find that dumb the rules should be set in stone and any grey areas instantly brought to a solution.
  10. kev

    I just find it stupid how inconsistent everyone is with rules and grey areas and shit. I'll ask someone about something and they tell me they would've treated the situation differently than the last one.
  11. kev

    Robo copping and processing while shots is not a removal or even a demotion @hawk explain that one
  12. kev

    deal with caution, player has a report for scamming @MAV
  13. kev

    1. Clear comms - no aids only callouts 2. Ensure everyone knows the callouts so when they see someone they can call it out so either use callouts already made and you can also make your own 3. Ensure callouts make sense ex: “hes over there” isnt a good callout instead shift + t your target or make your marker on map if it doesnt have a callout and call a bearing 4. Practice on a training server and fight experienced players on the real server 5. **** don't be afraid to push or lose your fucking loadout **** this is the biggest thing IMO

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