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  1. Illegal is not enjoyable due to the small payout and high risk unless you have a house or gangshed to use. People do more legal than illegal IMO because they don’t want to lose their trucks.
  2. So we can sit outside waiting for training to end
  3. I have many corporal guns like MXM and SPAR16-S pm me with some offers if you are interested Yes, they have mags.
  4. hell no and if you catch em doin it call them out
  5. It would be better to place those in the blackwater
  6. The addition of warpoint vehicles would just cause the blackwater to be done less often which isn’t ideal.
  7. house and player win in poker tho but yeah coin flips and most gambling especially at casinos is created for the house to win
  8. fastest I have gained 12 mil and then lost it o7 to the money, had to pull funds for the last 2mil 

    fuck coinflips im sticking to poker

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    2. Ryan


      2 hours ago, snipeZ said:

      By the time I'm done with you your gunna be forced to sell all dat cop gear you stole. :bender-dance:

      Don’t make me come clean your account with my A1 gambling skills

    3. Viper


      Best put that gang funds money back, I need to gamble as well. 

    4. Ryan


      D e m o t e d  @Viper

  9. Actually this information is very useful when we trying to achieve balance as it reveals what drugs are done the most, how many feds are done, what the lockpick rate is and much more that I don’t feel like listing
  10. So the stats won’t be updated from previous things we have done only from this point on? @Jesse
  11. SDAR is great btw, load in the 5.56 mags and you’ll kill most people in a CQC fight and get hella warpoints
  12. PM me I might have what you are looking for
  13. aren’t you the guy that scammed someone a while back
  14. easy sgt. gear @Egnazio 



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