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  1. |Casper|

    Not permed from arma u rEtArD
  2. |Casper|

    Mk14 is better by far! If u know how to control recoil on the gun it outstands both the mk1 and the mk18.
  3. Page never cheated. Everyone on aslyum got a mod menu when Notorius hacked the server the issue is that page can't answear a simple question from pledge.
  4. @ikiled So a video of me killing 2 Tree members and proof of me having pulldowns on my computer is proof that im cheating? Am i not allowed to have pulldowns on my computer like tf?

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    2. communistjosh


      @destruct "I have guns on my ghosthawk but I dont use them I swear"  -Senior R&R Member

    3. |Casper|


      This is stupid lol 

    4. DeadPooL


      Bruh this is like Google saying he has a bot not not a booter, But he never uses or used it. Also, @ikiled +1 filthy cheater begone thot

  5. |Casper|

    Welcome to Olympus!
  6. |Casper|

    You don't want to??? WHAT DID I EVER DO WRONG
  7. |Casper|

    Does this mean i can get unbanned?
  8. |Casper|

  9. |Casper|

    I want a unban! @Grandma Gary
  10. @Fake Grandma Im in ts if u wanna talk about it.

  11. |Casper|

    Stop sucking his dick...
  12. Yo @Gf 1 v 24 https://youtu.be/wsc15RwH8jQ

    It's ur game lagging u idiot.

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    2. Page


      Stop cheating Casper 

      All honestly Casper ain’t a cheater and if he was I would of know by now after 2 sad depressing years with the mong I would know 

    3. |Casper|


      Haha. @Page Get ur ass on discord so we can play r6

    4. Gaz


      looks like all the VAC sucks csgo clips lmao 

  13. |Casper|

    Im pretty sure there is a few 2-3 craters on the marked in dp22
  14. You were not joking ur just saying that because ur trying to make urself look less stupid. Ur a fucking retard and will always be one.

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