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  1. |Casper|

    Go discord Cutie
  2. |Casper|

  3. |Casper|

    I mean. Everyone knows about my case. Everyone has seen the video. I kept on asking for the proof and never got it.
  4. |Casper|

    Lmao. Imagine banning someone for killing 2 people. Kinda sad
  5. |Casper|

    Thank god you are gone. Most retarded staff on Olympus
  6. |Casper|


    And thats why you dont go around and tell people you are cheating whetever you trust them or not.
  7. Another day of wiping vital. Sad to see them rage quit :(

  8. Page is drunk. Ignore what he has done/said. #HadiForAdmin

    - Page

  9. |Casper|

    Get my fucking meme out of ur signature bitch
  10. |Casper|

    What a great anti cheat! Cant wait to have 2 bil in my account again
  11. You can someone tell me why my kills are reset like?

  12. |Casper|

    Why is my 750 war kills gone may i ask? All of my titels are basically reset. How can yall mess up this bad yikes
  13. |Casper|

    Asylum infamy basically?
  14. |Casper|

    They are making a anti cheat for the money scripts and the ear rape thing should be fixed by bohemia
  15. |Casper|

    Give this guy designer already!

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