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  1. Jerrod


    you run him over then drive off, in real life you wouldn't run the dude over then hop out and grease him, you'd keep driving
  2. Jerrod

    the thing is, you're a bitch, and everyone wanted you to quit. instead, you went under a different name and just did it all for attention, dumb bitch.
  3. Jerrod

    shutup bitch
  4. Jerrod

    10$ on the line WILL GIVE EVERYONE 10$ IF YOU BEAT [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]!
  5. Jerrod

    #SaveTheTurt- #SaveTheTurt-
  6. Jerrod

    drop usernames down below or don't, want to 1v1 people from olympus on fortnite, everyone except for @Snare can comment, he sucks and got clapped
  7. Jerrod

    TP SURVIVES ANOTHER BAN WAVE, TIGER HAS BEEN [email protected][email protected][email protected]@! TP ON TOP, TP ON TOP
  8. Jerrod

    No, no we're not.
  9. Jerrod

    Nigga Boner.
  10. Jerrod


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