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  1. Evann

    please don't downvote me wesly and im normal
  2. Evann

    those songs r so mainstream
  3. Evann

    my gun never glitches
  4. Evann

    mk18 because the higher the number the better, right?
  5. Evann

  6. Evann

    this is hot
  7. Evann

    Gnarly dude
  8. Evann

    looks sick
  9. Evann

    how about my boyfriend
  10. Evann

    i’m getting memed
  11. Evann

    Just a question, how do you get weird gang tags like this ₳ I try to put it in my name but it just shows up as a blank space, but i have seen people with these types of symbols before.
  12. Evann

    Ours starts December 21st and ends January 4th in TX

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