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  1. I do not like this at all, alot of people are about to be tazed
  2. Vis

    The malden mongol takeover has begun
  3. Anyone getting monster hunter?

    1. Kyle Lake

      Kyle Lake

      Yes, I will be getting it

    2. MAV


      I think I'll being getting it as well

  4. Wow thats a good house, $5
  5. iTs CoMiNg HoMe

  6. Vis

  7. Vis

  8. Starting a real estate company?
  9. No problem sir! Always glad to help an APD member with Solo Ghosthawking operations.

  10. Vis

    That's pretty goood
  11. Vis

    Can't you just rob them back?
  12. Getting lethaled does not stop you from calling a medic. Now I know the cops can wait there and take your gun from you afterward but that rarely occurs.
  13. I think lethal should be made to work like arrests, where a higher percent is available for the split when there are more cops around.

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