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  1. Wow thats a good house, $5
  2. iTs CoMiNg HoMe

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  5. Starting a real estate company?
  6. No problem sir! Always glad to help an APD member with Solo Ghosthawking operations.

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    That's pretty goood
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    Can't you just rob them back?
  9. Getting lethaled does not stop you from calling a medic. Now I know the cops can wait there and take your gun from you afterward but that rarely occurs.
  10. I think lethal should be made to work like arrests, where a higher percent is available for the split when there are more cops around.
  11. Now if a vigilante goes to jail he/she will only drop down a rank of vigilante May get removed depending on if it's showing undesirable results Time to get buttraped by vigies in Kavala again. I guess I have to move out.
  12. This kinda seems unfair where corporals lethal someone and get dirt crap while that individual has the opportunity to get cleared without paying shit. "Capturing" them is not always an option. On the other hand, I don't see the point of reducing income from arrest by 10%.
  13. Instead of fighting a system that is not really broken without any proof, you should become friends with SAPD see if that gets you promoted. At that point you have full proof then can challenge it with an argument? I mean you have every opportunity as these "corrupt" corps to become friends with SAPD. If you see a broken system, follow the system to the top then change it if you think you know how it works.
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    can I buy the oil?

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