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  1. mordhau anyone?

    1. Dank MeeMoo

      Dank MeeMoo

      Uwu you too game?


    1. Tyronne Littlehands

      Tyronne Littlehands

      Fucking love it!

  3. https://gyazo.com/4ffd089c10ebf6b26a25c0e48e29b2f4

    I am broke and the APD still lost

    1. Show previous comments  25 more
    2. Vis


      @Civak are you saying me personally broke wave rule?

    3. Bloodmoon


      1 minute ago, Vis said:

      @Civak are you saying me personally broke wave rule?

      he's talking about a different fed

    4. Civak


      6 hours ago, ThatNerdyGuy said:

      Funny how you went from sucking dick for corporal to hating apd when you didn't get corporal.


  4. LOL, I made my money roleplaying in kavala
  5. Well apparently every other person who can pull hunters is broke. ps. tell em to give me striders and ill brings those aswell
  6. Vis

    Fam u applied at 12:30 EST, everyone is sleep. I honestly don't know if we got any EU SAPD. They are usually fast at responding though
  7. FUCK sekiro. That shit is not even fun anymore at that point

    1. Snort
    2. Vis


      im about to get good, also might get arma global ban if im not careful 

  8. Vis

    how civs rp:
  9. Is the Earth really a floating triangle?

    1. Zeuse


      It's a pyramid

    2. NokiaStrong


      As flat as an orange at stp 

  10. All of these are great, except if the PO lethals include anything but the SDAR.
  11. can you include this in the handbook so later it does not become a gray area for people who dont see this comment
  12. Vis


    Try calling the APD, most of them don't come but some do. Whenever I am on I force everyone to come and help people doing legal runs
  13. 7 mandums away from 30k

  14. Vis

    Yaaaa.... Someones genders is determined by x and y chromosomes. It has nothing to do with accepted social constructs. Anyone who thinks that science is a myth, potentially has extra chromosomes. Where the fuck did you get this info from. I think you mean you can have XXX or XXY but they are both disorders due to mutations but the sex organs for XXX are same as female and XXY same as male. They just have developmental delay and are usually infertile. But again you are still either a male or female.

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