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  1. its just memes
  2. WOOO I really hope i guess this right! I'll make the deal sweeter, if i guess the # you stop ddosing jazzy, his router can't handle that much before it catches fire
  3. all that time in the air and still didnt alt f4
  4. which methods do you know so far
  5. +1 other bans are irrelevant. This is very much so some BS for ban happy admins
  6. there is lots, hell even @gordonmann1 ban evaded for 6 months after telling a mod he ban evaded and he was under the same name he got banned on. yaw yaw yaw was permed, lil bill was permed for a day and all he talks about is using pulldowns. this shit is a joke
  7. people on this server have been banned for scripting, hacking, lagswitch, exploiting, duping, and more and I see them play the server everyday. you're telling me that all because someone cheats on an unknown game for an unknown reason you're banning them for hacking on call of duty or X game they get permed but people who exploit and all that don't?
  8. he already got smashed like 5 times he is just pointing it out
  9. if you got banned on those games within the last 210 days then c ya is the system in place now
  10. let's be honest this system makes no sense. people cheat on one game so they automatically cheat on another? it's like taking a test and failing in math so the next test they auto fail you without even taking it. the auto fail has little to nothing to back it up just like assuming they cheat on arma.
  11. love you, that's my comp for the ip thing
  12. yes exactly I put over 1k hours into the server I'm not hacking, I wouldn't waste that much time to hack. I have a game ban with it because I used cheat engine to "hack" on csgo bc idk how to hack. if I'm permed like they're saying that kinda shitty over something I did to stop gambling almost a year ago