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  1. bigSMOKE

    server is gone please everyone accept it
  2. these staff are trash literally got banned on forums because a staff member called me fat? lol makes sense
  3. Getting dep chief from sucking dick then switching up, classic
  4. You’re a nobody who got staff on a dying server, you play this shit everyday in 2019 calm down
  5. Get a life I’m reporting you for saying that word as staff you’re higher standard make server look like shit
  6. No you’re cringe get a life
  7. The fact that the donation goal was met this month just shows people are brain damaged who donate 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Vac.


      The fact that you think that they can get everything done with the amount of people they have and time makes you people brain dead. Without donations the server you brain dead idiots play on wouldn't exist.

    3. Panera


      Massive L to all those who donate 

    4. bigSMOKE


      @Vac. LOL what do you they with the server they cant keep 14 yr old hackers off of it lmao. Great devs you have, even tho he is a cuck @Jesse kept this bitch alive lmao. @Strikke and im not complaining about anything only speaking facts this server has went to shit bc of the people running it and the devs. But ima just leave it at that lol massive L to any idiot who donated to support the server being hacked all month.

  8. I'm with the gang
    I'm with the mob, what was you thinking
    Remember them days
    And that shit was hard, a nigga been thinking
    I put a four in a 20 ounce, a nigga been drinking
    If you with the squad
    I give you my heart, lil' nigga, I mean it
    I was fighting some demons
    In the field, bitch, I'm deep in
    I was raised in the deep end
    I know niggas be sinking
    Take your bitch and go deep in
    But I gave her back, why you tweaking?
    Come around with that rah-rah

    1. Proud


      fucks wit it od

    2. Excision


      @zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz out here grinding on for evade, he’s underrated and goated on the sticks on jah!


  9. bigSMOKE

    You stole @Fuzy name insert downvote
  10. THIS DUDE walk up to your sister girlfriend slap her ass then fuck your mom what you do
  11. bigSMOKE

    SIKE not a montage just a useless post since you can’t downvote me haha retard kid [email protected]@@@

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