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  1. Time for me to say peace late to the sAPD for the time being. I have had a lot of good memories with a lot of you(Junior APD, Seniors, and past APD members in general). I have been working since my vacation from Mexico has ended and the last thing I think about after a double shift is Olympus, so I find it fitting to just step down at this time. Should have probably done this after Mexico because I realized this then but thought I might find joy in the game again. But unfortunately I never was able to really enjoy playing the game once I came back. Every time I played I would get reported (eventhough I would never do anything wrong like other sapd.) It was still draining to get screeched at in game and also over teamspeak in the support room. Honestly some of you might like the thought of becoming a Senior and are really pushing for it. It takes a lot of fun out of the game though. Not being able to just play the game to make hours, you now have to do a bunch of desk duties on top of also working/going to school and shit. Which can be easy for some seniors who literally sit in their rooms all day with their right hand on the mouse and their left in a bag of cheetos with a 2 liter of mountain dew in front of them with a bendy straw in it but ehhh @Sandman maybe you (future seniors) will enjoy balancing all this shit. Also, on top of that you also have to deal with other Seniors (which a lot of them are fake as fuck) and a lot of them are super fucking biased whether it be towards staff or their friends or just whatever. Anyways feel like I've been rambling for too long. Just if you get Senior don't switch up and forget who your mofucking boys were to begin with @hawk and completely cut them off and start grinding for a promotion or whatever. Not saying I'll never try for Senior again and that I fucking hated it. Just don't have the time. One more thing to add. Don't really agree with any of the changes within the past 3 months or so, so that also played a giant role in making me unmotivated to play. This isn't me saying bye to Olympus by the way just the Senior APD. So I won't be @ ing anyone else. Love all my fucking lads and fuck all you fake people.
  2. Egnazio

    Sidenote for Pledges earlier comment: you can only send people straight to jail for rule quoting if you’re P.O. or higher. Also, I’m cringing super hard right now hahaha.
  3. Glad I got back just in time for the plane to become straight ass :FeelsBad:

  4. Going on vacation starting tomorrow :) I'll be back though lads. Hit me up on forums if you want an add on snap or some shit :Kappa:
    Love, Ethan

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. obeymatt


      Was hoping I weren’t coming back :Kappa:


      jk have fun bucko 

    3. LiL J

      LiL J

      pce cutie

    4. ikiled


      adios noob


    1. ScreaM


      legends never die

  6. Wait @Wong you were still a Sergeant? I thought you stepped down a while ago. o7

    1. Wong


      i am sneaky boi

  7. @bigSMOKE Happy Birthday BROTHER!

  8. Egnazio

    Lol? I hope you're trolling
  9. Egnazio

    Trying to figure out what you guys think of as activity.
  10. Been trying to open teamspeak for the past 30 minutes. Shit just opens for 2 seconds and then instantly crashes. send help

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    2. Jester


      Lmao I’m on phone

    3. Theak


      Someone else on another t.s. was having the issue with an outdated plugin. try making sure everythings updated.

    4. Strikke


      2 hours ago, DeadPool said:

      Sing me a song and Ill help

      Dont think you want to play that game again deadpool, Just look what happend last time :Kappa::Kappa::4head:

  11. @Orgondo tfw I have two birthdays in one month :Kappa: Happy Birthday

  12. Congrats @draMa took you long enough.

  13. Congrats @Last (FTO)

  14. Congrats @Ethan Klein on deputy, well deserved. Keep up the good RP.

    1. Toasty Oats

      Toasty Oats

      nice meme

    2. Egnazio


      Not a meme haha. I'm the one that told you to apply the other day and I saw you processing today in Neo.


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