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  1. Congrats @draMa took you long enough.

  2. Congrats @Last (FTO)

  3. Congrats @Ethan Klein on deputy, well deserved. Keep up the good RP.

    1. Ethan Klein

      Ethan Klein

      nice meme

    2. Egnazio


      Not a meme haha. I'm the one that told you to apply the other day and I saw you processing today in Neo.

  4. Egnazio

    what do you even mean by this comment?
  5. Love to see it man good work

  6. Ayyy baby we lit. Thanks to all the real ones that told me Congrats :wub: and even the haters that said it. @TheRealKyle your project made a come up, thanks for the corp rec all that time ago.

  7. There's my birthday present to you Congrats on Sgt. 

  8. when you shooting up kav?

  9. @Prime Happy Birthday Kavala Scat!

    1. Prime


      Thanks my guy! #Rip KP Scatting days 


      btw my ass still hurts 

  10. Does anyone know how to change commentary in Fifa 18 to Spanish? Can't play with English on it's too annoying. i mean for pc btw not console

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    2. draMa



    3. Ryan


      18 minutes ago, Egnazio said:

      @Ryan xD shit you weren't suppose to check forums

      :hmm: lmao I don’t care tbh

    4. Pledge


      Don't knock the idea... I played 17 with French announcers

  11. Thanks to all the lads that wished me happy birthday and that +1'd my montage. :wub:

    1. [AN] King

      [AN] King

      chaturbate later?

  12. cops running around in fucking wet suits in kavala is so fun zoooooweeeeeemama


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