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  1. Ravin :)

    tbh ive been playing cop and recently all I have been seeing is ifrits and a bunch of rebels with mk200 suppressed loadouts with rpgs…..
  2. mhmmmm @Lion a new account already???


    1. Johnathan MrNOIL
    2. Ravin :)

      Ravin :)

      yea [email protected] buddy eta on ban on this account

  3. and of course they take all the hacked money along with all the money that I made on cop feelsbad….. was a good 4 mil search tho

    1. hawk


      comp request xd

    2. Ravin :)

      Ravin :)

      ik just got to meme a bit :dejaywink:

    3. hawk
    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Hadi Mokdad

      Hadi Mokdad


      dw @maxg, logs incoming

    3. maxg


      finally a alpha moderator ;)

    4. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Wow seizing a vehicle with only 4 million in it, pretty sure that is under the threshold.  

  4. Ravin :)

    Post screenshot and a price only S1 and S2
  5. Ravin :)

    Knew him for awhile and got close to him when he joined Shadow Company was a good man and was doing pretty good with his new job damn sucks to see him go fly high socio!
  6. Ravin :)

  7. Ravin :)

    Major pain offered 5.5 mil can u do 6?
  8. Ravin :)

    lol its at 5 mil reeeee
  9. Ravin :)

    someone on steam offered 5 mil
  10. Ravin :)

    oh lol couldn't have started it higher
  11. Ravin :)

    Way to low my man
  12. 3 crater in dp 23 really good moonshine house https://gyazo.com/3da015d987b7c62e4999a000b422c9fc
  13. Ravin :)

    yea I sold that house along time ago

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