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  1. fun stuff lads glad to get the W ggs to my boys in prime hell of a fight

  2. I'll bet all of my money on Aurora.
  3. Just checked forums to see what was up. From what I can see there's been more fights so I look forward to coming back. Back in a week.

    1. Danger


      supposed to get 18-24 here

    2. ScreaM


      @Danger I'm in Florida this week so I'm dodging the storm. Back where I live in Ohio it's around the same about 2 feet.

  4. ill be back in 2 weeks

  5. cool beans
  6. I think now is a good time is to say this. SIT YOU FUCKIN BOT xd
  7. You created a thread for I assume public discussion since you didn't lock it. Take your feedback whether you like it or not hes not being childish. People can turn sidechat off so there shouldn't be such harsh restrictions. And if a dev left the team because of sidechat shit talk then clearly hes not a dev worth keeping. This is a competitive community I think if anyone has an issue with toxicity they should do 1 of 3 things: 1. Turn sidechat off. 2. Close your eyes. You cant read shit talk if your eyes are closed. 3. Take a hike. I would have said kill themselves but I am reformed and am now putting out positive vibes regardless of issues I have with certain members (cough cough @House is a stupid idiot).
  8. my coupon expired tho
  9. I love a good bit of autism with my chocolate chip muffin in the mornin
  10. Ladies and gentleman, children of all ages.....I present to you...autism!
  11. Gang Wars??

    1. Excision


      do u play asylum? if so theres always a spot in absence Kappa

  12. I am unrestricted now


    1. Show previous comments  1 more


      Lol, how long was it?

    3. ScreaM


      I got restricted because I -1ed a friend as a joke. Ill try not to Kim Jong @Tman15tmb

      Edit: idk what dangus said since I have him blocked so ill take a guess to what he said and just say thanks!!!

    4. Joel


      I'm also free Scream.

      Couldnt find any free slave music though.