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  1. srry boys had to call in the nuke. needed it to get the spinning nuke emblem

  2. my first support ticket was #1838

    my last support ticket was #56325

    crazy stuff

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Linka


      My first was #451

    3. Bloodmoon


      6 hours ago, Grandma Gary said:

      My first ticket was D7X-SGZ-MANZ


      What is ticket #1?

    4. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary


      Poseidons test ticket ^_^

  3. :FeelsBad:

    1. Matt The Savage

      Matt The Savage

      by looking at your profile i feel like your girlfriend dumped you

    2. ScreaM


      negative ghostrider

  4. I know I have a purpose, but I don't see the purpose.

    1. DeadPooL


      Then look in front of you and not over what you want.

    2. Homicide


      Bro don't look for it let your purpose in life find you. You will know when you find It bro PM me if you ever need someone to talk 2 bro

    3. Linka


      They tell me the death of me gon be the perkys

      I know they laced pills, I bought them on purpose

      Life’s unreal and deaths uncertain

  5. for all you people that see my cryptic status updates, found out that I have persistent depressive disorder so that's why I am on and off posting weird shit

    1. skola



    2. Linka


      I love you man



  6. RIP to a legend. 


  7. 250 dollar tourney come chill


  8. @ChrisGG how does this accomplishment compare to all your features in 6ix9ines music videos?

    1. ChrisGG


      6ix9ine this and 6ix9ine that...

  9. ScreaM

    clickbait title -1

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