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  1. BattleGrounds is out baby! Let's gooo

    1. bigSMOKE


      can't play it until I get home in 4 hours tell me your thoughts on it 

    2. Peter Long

      Peter Long

      Is it on steam? 

    3. bigSMOKE


      @Peter Long yeah PLAYERUNKNOWN's Battlegrounds for $30

  2. You realize that Pilot Coveralls provide the same amount of protection as regular CSATs? Technically they're worse because the hitboxes on them are huge.
  3. Sounds like you're talking out of your ass if you ask me.
  4. This guy
  5. So now that all these medics have been banned, Defibs?

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    2. Muthinator


      We only removed 5 medics from active duty.  4 others were removed previously for inactivity and 1 was already blacklisted.  The R&R will be a better place without them.  Hate to disappoint but no defibs.

    3. Hot Pocket

      Hot Pocket

      Defibs are for losers

    4. 7om
  6. What happend to the ATM that was supposed to be added to warzone and rebels?

    1. RambleR


      Spawned in there today,  rambler can i have some loadout money? Runs over to where ATM should be. Facepalms :)

  7. Anyone else see a large decrease in player count since the automated bans?

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    2. Grandma Gary

      Grandma Gary

      Long term effect will be considerably less people with the tendency to cheat in online games ;D

    3. Josh122


      I think I lost some brain cells reading this. But this shit was lit. Upset I missed it... 

  8. So when will Olympus start using 64-bit?
  9. So from what I can see, a ton of people are being permanantly banned for being VAC banned on a game that isn't Arma. To me, I think this whole situation is bullshit. Who cares if they're VAC banned on another game? That shit does not interfere with Arma what so ever, so why care about it? Not only are they permanantly banned from a game they cheated on, but they're banned from a server that they haven't cheated on, and to top it all off, we're assigning 300 word essays to people that are banned? What kind of shit is that? Let the people play, this is very immature and @Mercury, I like you, but you're looking at this like it's a game. "I didn't assign you an essay, F-" That shit is so childish. I would understand if this was a thing from when the server started, but for this to come out of no where and go on a banning spree for no reason what so ever. Once again, let the people play! This is so unnecessary.
  10. Why is Zero so close to One on a number line but so far on a keyboard?

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    2. Eazy1


      because that would be pure communism 

    3. DeadPool1337


      Corsair K95 platinum comes with 18 macros with 3 class switches you can make like almost a 1000 key binds with it lol 

    4. Ham


      6 hours ago, Pledge said:

      Because the typewriters keys were designed to seperate the most commonly used keys in sequence. It prevented jamming of the arms that mark the letter or number onto the paper. 1 and 0 are often used in sequence, hence their seperation.


      I saw this on a video :P

  11. Any way the bomb is able to be coded to not be client side? Did a blackwater earlier and blackscreened at 5 minutes left so the bomb didn't blow.. :(

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    2. RambleR


      MC has 1-2guys who dont texture bug/get errors. Sucks you have to literally wait for them to be on :(


      <3 jesse/serpico

    3. Fat Clemenza

      Fat Clemenza

      4 minutes ago, RambleR said:

      MC has 1-2guys who dont texture bug/get errors. Sucks you have to literally wait for them to be on :(


      <3 jesse/serpico

      +420 Hahahaha!!!

    4. RambleR


      only felt right :) 

  12. Unrealistic, nobody would land a taru and bring an ifrit to a fed.
  13. Donation goal for Daytime 24/7 for a month? Need to cut back on nightvision, it's making my loadout cost too much.

    1. G.O.A.T.


      -1 ruins my immersion

    2. Fedot


      wait how much is NV?

    3. Fuzy
  14. Didn't realize civs weren't allowed to enter Blackwater Vehicles..