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  1. Hey! It's me, Your best friend. How are you? Still sacrificing people?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Alyssalou82


      Well, she's an object, because all women are objects, so don't listen to her

    3. Orgondo


      This is true, she is my property 

    4. Alyssalou82


      You gotta beat your property, all women are objects, they shouldn't have a voice

  2. Still As Olympus As Ever

  3. Alyssalou82

    Is there really A medic named Alyssa? Like a medic with my name?
  4. Hey Guy , You were Awesome, I think, I'm pretty sure , I'll just go for it <3

    1. Dejay


      not like this

    2. EatMeth
    3. platinumfire


      Oh so thats what you look like under that mask @EatMeth haha

  5. Can I just GIve Moob all my money in game? Or give someone all my money I have left?

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    2. Alyssalou82


      Well aren't you hostile, Shit dude sorry i'm not typing up to your standards I didn't know I had to. I didn't get the memo.

    3. Corporal Moob

      Corporal Moob

      I was definitely the best choice. Ayyyyy.

    4. Alyssalou82


      Yeah it's going to Moob now

  6. Forget You guys I'm amazing

  7. I am Jaeger's Best Friend guys, If he says I am not ,it's because he is embarrassed because of how awesome I am

  8. I'm your bestfriend, If you forgot <3

  9. Forget You guys I am amazing

  10. Jaeger I still Haven't Forgotten about you ,<3

    1. Joel


      I think he forgot about you the first 20 status updates...

    2. Alyssalou82


      Shhhh, he hasn't forgetting about me he just doesn't want to admit that I'm hid best friend because he doesn't want everyone else to be jealous and out to get him.

  11. Jaeger, I still love you in a hateful sort of way. <3

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    2. Alyssalou82


      Just Stay Fancy 

    3. Orgondo


      What have I told you time and time again you peasant. Leave my Dad alone, you filthy abominating non-worshiper. 

    4. Alyssalou82


      How about you just lay off, He answered me.  You could just go to bed and not care. 

  12. I am Still the Best one Here

  13. <3


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    2. Alyssalou82


      WHEN DID MOTHER TREE GET IN THIS? WHO IS MOTHER TREE? WHY DO I CARE ABOUT HER? Shut up you know you like me in a hate way.

    3. Orgondo


      Mother Tree is everything, she is everywhere. She is one with her followers. All Hail The Great Tree.

    4. Alyssalou82


      Forget your Tree it gets in the way of driving deserves to be knocked down. Burn her


  14. <3

    1. Orgondo


      Burn in hell, you now worshiper.

    2. Alyssalou82

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