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  1. Honestly Warzone outpost with a tower back please, will change dynamics of the fight, give us another location to fight, cause fights in east forest ect. It will make "Cartel Island" much better overall. Also cops could raid it so theres a plus for that too.
  2. rdm

    You need 5 minutes of video and also submit it here http://olympus-entertainment.com/hangyourself/
  3. Another victim of the Goathawk I see...
  4. agreed freshpawns and OS in kavala and they got rescued... Awful wasn't even worth posting this on the forums
  5. Wait times are unreal SMH


    1. Ham


      I don't see you waiting very long :KappaHD:

    2. Jpeg


      im done lololol

  6. If you do happen to have some time as a reserve can you play?
  7. Random spawns are bad idk who did them but they are bad af. I like the idea but i spawn on top so much its cancer.
  8. We all know you mean @Huskers
  9. When are you selling the PT cruiser and getting a fucking dank car with that government salary?
  10. This is the best I've seen it written, +200
  11. Its my last first day of school today, can't believe its here already smh

    1. 7om
    2. Dejay


      No college for speed boy? shiiiet

    3. Dustin87


      Last day of high school rather, of course im going to college

  12. Prepare for a warning point pictures of nooses aren't allowed on the forums, I speak from experience.
  13. I suggested a "Gang talk" section before and I was told if I wanted to talk shit take it to a private teamspeak and have it no where near olympus.
  14. Not true people have been banned for calling other people faggot.
  15. Can I get a answer on why this community has become so politically correct and SJW. I mean for fucks sake this is a mature game and I can't use the word "Huggies!".