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  1. got 550+ warpoints to sell HMU

  2. Kinda strange how TI members and people who are friends with them seem to get lag godmode :wacko:

    1. Haze


      Yea but in the first fight one of ur guys got to run around with godmode before u lost D:

    2. Pablo


      @Haze Dont think we watched the same stream mate, we didn't lose. Envy didnt make a difference either, the people he killed I shot to shit but he got the kills not me, either way they were in the floor like the rest of TI 

    3. Haze


      He was a major distraction, and killed 3 or more people. Prime would had 100 percent lost if it wasn't for the godmode player purposely running around and killing people while 

  3. Selling warpoint gear 16k a point PM me 

    1. Garrett


      will scam you, he's a dirty british man

  4. he's gonna scam you
  5. @Jesse please add a confirmation button for paying bail I just payed 1.2mil instead of handing in contraband

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Savage
    3. Brennan


      @SavageWhy are you so confused?

    4. Savage


      @Brennan i didnt understand at first now i get it +1 that

  6. Selling 40 pairs of CSAT hmu with with offers

    1. Dandy


      a kiss on the balls

    2. Damian
  7. 2 crater *
  8. As title says selling a DP22 1 crater on server 1. Price: 1.2mil
  9. Atleast you will be getting payed for dying
  10. Don't worry I wont forget about that game of R6 , sad to see you go.
  11. Looking to sell this Kav rebel house on S2 If interested bid below, will sell when I see a price I like https://gyazo.com/f40fe6269997bfe82d023e0ae758e124
  12. You dont own the forums, you own this thread on the forums.
  13. Called a thread pal, but atleast you tried to meme, MC bot
  14. You tried that and your montages are bad with little to no views, so could you give me good tips please ?

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