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  1. And I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids!

    1. Gf 1 v 24
    2. Matt The Savage

      Matt The Savage

      Go outside for once.. retard

  2. so fun dying to armed planes when fighting, great addition to cartels

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    2. Vac.


      You don't have to be castle to be cucked by a random plane coming in when people are slamming you. Usually if we are not being pushed and there is a random plane we shoot out the engine :(. 

    3. Unjo


      Too bad the engines dont get shot out by a few bullets

    4. kev


      Planes are fucking aids when fighting. We usually pause the fight and take the plane down when possible.

  3. selling warpoints cheap

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    2. Pablo


      @Eleven you looking to buy anything or trying to be funny ?

    3. mon5t3r


      im permed, no

    4. Kden


      How much for 80 points worth of gear?

      Sent PM

  4. 500 warpoints to sell 15k a piece or cheaper if you bulk bu, message me

  5. anyone want to buy warpoint gear HMU ive got 500 to sell 

    1. Sonny Asif

      Sonny Asif

      I got some you can have

    2. kev


      How much per war point msg me, I’ll buy all of them if you give me a discount for bulk

  6. got 550+ warpoints to sell HMU

  7. Kinda strange how TI members and people who are friends with them seem to get lag godmode :wacko:

    1. Haze


      Yea but in the first fight one of ur guys got to run around with godmode before u lost D:

    2. Pablo


      @Haze Dont think we watched the same stream mate, we didn't lose. Envy didnt make a difference either, the people he killed I shot to shit but he got the kills not me, either way they were in the floor like the rest of TI 

    3. Haze


      He was a major distraction, and killed 3 or more people. Prime would had 100 percent lost if it wasn't for the godmode player purposely running around and killing people while 

  8. Selling warpoint gear 16k a point PM me 

    1. Garrett


      will scam you, he's a dirty british man

  9. Pablo

    he's gonna scam you
  10. @Jesse please add a confirmation button for paying bail I just payed 1.2mil instead of handing in contraband

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    2. Savage
    3. Brennan


      @SavageWhy are you so confused?

    4. Savage


      @Brennan i didnt understand at first now i get it +1 that

  11. Selling 40 pairs of CSAT hmu with with offers

    1. dandy


      a kiss on the balls

    2. Damian
  12. Pablo

    2 crater *
  13. Pablo

    As title says selling a DP22 1 crater on server 1. Price: 1.2mil
  14. Pablo

    Atleast you will be getting payed for dying

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