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  1. Im not updated, why Jesse leave?
  2. No, reason being no one knows who the fuck you are
  3. Only played Olympus for about 7 months when I used to play, you have been chill the whole time, thank you man <3
  4. Tbh this is the best you are going to get, Arma isn't what it was like 1 year, or 2 years ago. The new gangs that pop up never want to fight because you have shit talking gangs *Cough* Absence *Cough* Who tell them they are shit 24/7. Who wants to be called shit 24/7 when they are trying to have fun?
  5. Are people on some fucking dumb shit right now? Fuck the GA that ain't important get rid of that cancer of CSAT's
  6. The cops will and do rp, as long as it is not shit like, how did you get my name, how do you know that type of shit
  7. Step 1: Dont worry about the shit talkers Step 2: Have fun as that is what a lot of people forget Altis life is about
  8. I used to play with someone that happened to. he had 6m to nothing to with 0 licenses, cant get comp because 'Lack of evidence'
  9. Arma is nothing like it was 1 year ago, or 6 months ago like you said. A lot of people were still new to Arma back then, having fun. Here and there players quit and don't come back to the game. Arma is dying yes
  10. Cartel are getting repetitive af, exactly why gang wars is so hype, new locations and improvised tactics
  11. So did you unless you won it
  12. You salty because your shit gang got fucked wooooooooooooooooooo
  13. Don't worry only took you 7 attempts and 2 and a bit years
  14. Well played lads