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  1. just play legit, makes it more fun
  2. It was a good run

  3. Yeah honestly I dont see why not, he played the server a lot and probably used it as a way to take shit off his mind. Never knew him or talked to him but out of respect I think you should.
  4. carry me on league please
  5. probs wanna upgrade brakes/coilovers/tires top handle the power before you go into forged engines if you do
  6. Anything with these and you will do fine RB26DETT 2JZ GTE SR20DETT RB25
    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Lethal


      1 hour ago, Haze said:



      thanks for advertsing for me. ill sendd ur broke ass some money!

      can i have a few shekels

    3. Randyy


      ? i dont get it

    4. Monkeysz


      BOWLING BALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. its in general chit chat so I dont see how tbh
  8. if you're handing out shit like that hit me up in ts im down for free shit
  9. yeah prime for you
  10. good shit, respect that
  11. Im going to be selling items out of the war point shop. I have 480 war points so I can only sell limited amounts of items: Csats are 80k each (5 war points) Mar-10 800k each (50 war points) RPG-7 800k each (50 war points) Rockets 160k Each (10 warpoints) I'm down to do deals if people buy bulk, pm me on the forums or add my steam and I can sell
  12. Does anyone wanna buy RPG's or Mar 10s? 

  13. Anyone selling moonshine houses, hmu if you are 

    1. Lethal


      what location are you looking for

    2. Sonny Asif
    3. Lethal


      i have a dp 22 3 crater that i dont really use. only issue is i have moonshine stored in it currently


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