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  1. Dipco
  2. 1m
  3. I think you should abuse the fact that Malden is coming out, FREE dlc, more people want to try out the new map and it looks sick, my opinion
  4. haters gonna hate you are better than 90% people commenting, keep it up
  5. P07 goes hard anyway
  6. Had some good times, goodbye my friend
  7. What is it with medics banning people for shooting them at cartels by accident, don't be a ditsy cunt and run round a gunfight

    1. Isaac Newton

      Isaac Newton

      Rule was changed 2 days ago so medic GROUND UNITS can be shot without warning at CARTELS.

      (I use capital letters for emphasis on those keywords btw.  Medic helicopters and other normal red zones will still require a proper warning)

      Submit a ban appeal. 

  8. 1. IGN: Sonny Asif 2. How did you find Olympus?: Through someone in MC 1 year ago 3. What is your favorite Olympus memory?: When I tricked Hii he could take of his plane on water :
  9. hdd is a pain
  10. pc to shit to load up arma
  11. http://i.imgur.com/Bp8ahlo.mp4
  12. Kids a legend, got banned for hacking, thinks he can control the mk1 like a g0d. Would not talk shit about this kid
  13. No, reason being no one knows who the fuck you are
  14. Only played Olympus for about 7 months when I used to play, you have been chill the whole time, thank you man <3

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