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  1. -rep never got corp 

  2. Homicide

    Word BEt
  3. Homicide

    Why are u such a fuking hater scrub anyway who are u and yea my channel is actually gaining popularity and im working on some sponsorship from like 5 local companies so yea since i left olympus i can say this and not care GRAB A ROPE AND NECK URSELF RETARD Thanks much respect man take it easy
  4. Homicide

    Hey I know i havent been around in a minute and everyone thinks or feels like i left just want to make it official Yes i am Leaving Olympus and Arma in general. One of the reasons I left the community was beacuse i needed to expand my horizons if i want to make it on Twitch. I have grown to love this community and the toxic ppl in it. I hope that everyone here has a good life and prosper in life but i think its time to take my leave Ive been here a few years and after all the love and hate its time to go. Im not gonna @ anyone beacuse u know who ya is my mains my nibbas my homies Love all ya DB thanks for taking me in and making me feel like fam even though Majestic is a bitch LOL But all good things must come to an end i will stop by from time to time and say wassup Thanks Olympus and the Staff for giving me one of the best fun experiences in a game i have ever had Thanks a million
  5. Homicide

    If ur not mad why get so defensive lol im just stating my opinion on the matter LOL I know about the situation beacuse one of the people involved is a good friend of mine so yea Hey Doc its ok all it takes is one angry admin or Senior APD to get something officially written LOL Just messing with you man dont take it personal
  6. Homicide

    ID rather lose it forever than let cops make money from it honestly but if ur looking at it in an RP way if the player is rich the server restart can be like him paying to get it fixed or maybe a charge to rebuild it can be implemented but u wont retain the things inside it just seems more fair than banning people for realisticly using game mechanics that are already there to blow up ur house no one is exploting or CL in anyway we have satchel charges so it should be used in wat ever way it can in means of RP just my opinion olny reason this rule was made noe beacuse @Doc Got salty that Majestic blew up Cys house The rule was made like if it has been a major problem in the past when it hasent it hardly happens so this rule is p[retty bullshit in my opinion
  7. Homicide

    Thats what im saing bro like its a valid RP and they wanna take that away its never really a problem cuz it hardly happens
  8. Homicide

    Damm ya is something else all beacuse someone used a believable means of RP to stop house from being raided this is bullshit in no shape or form is it exploiting ir against the games mechanics People was just butt hurt cuz they couldnt raid it it hardly happens and it was never a real problem in the past but one Admin gets salty about it and boom rule change SHM matter fact @McDili if im not mistaken ur the one that said RP can be taken and go anywhere right so ur sorta contradicting ur self their buddy Just Saying Shouldnt be against the rules to blow up a house so it wouldnt be raided in the Arma world its realistic and fair why do u have satchel charges for
  9. Homicide

    its not kneepading hes a friend that ive known for a long time just saying if u get to know some one then ull see how they really are people are calling him a rat beacuse to them he snaled funds when he left Eridian but He was told to take them from what i was told
  10. RivalryRp Cop Life Come Watch 

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