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  1. De Fuk

    dp missions on a quad
  2. Hello old friend i happy b-day :)

  3. De Fuk

    ye all good ill see i need to check something first il let you know in pm if i want to buy it and il offer you
  4. De Fuk

    what server is it on?
  5. De Fuk

    #respect for all the work,this server has grown up really big me like
  6. Is it just me or i cannot join any arma servers all the servers have the red x for me anyone knows what up with that?

    1. NokiaStrong


      Servers aren’t updated

    2. De Fuk

      De Fuk

      oh ok thanks

  7. so wass up with the servers?

  8. First day back after 7 months,actually enjoyed playing arma again,hopefully it's gonna be fun like this every day xD

    1. Slumberjack


      Welcome back!

  9. De Fuk

    i know dude,but don't get me wrong i think if -ti- actually played they would smash people,before the last gang wars -ti- was inactive and when the gang wars started they came on and won it if i am correct?
  10. De Fuk

    idk but id say the gang who won the last 2-3 gang wars,even tho they are inactive don't matter,id say -TI-
  11. De Fuk

    randyyyyyyyyyyyy <3333
  12. De Fuk

    hi son,how you been.
  13. De Fuk

    are you a fan boy? xD
  14. De Fuk

    dang i used to own that house back when coke field was there xD

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