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  1. De Fuk


    hi new phone who dis hi scream
  2. uhm there is some guy on s1 sending money to everyone might be hacked money can an admin get on s1 to check it out thanks

    1. Fuzz^


      Time for me to hop on

    2. Gf.
    3. Fusionz



      Had 70 mill before this and now boom someone get it out lul

  3. De Fuk

    bring back tanoa
  4. Happy Birthday @Fushigi

    Found a clip of your epic landing back in the day



    Edited by De Fuk
  5. De Fuk


  6. De Fuk

  7. De Fuk

    Welcome frank tank
  8. De Fuk

    queachy if you really need in game money you can just ask me don't scam people you nutty girl ...
  9. @Creepy happy b-day old friend 

  10. <333 thanks admins for all the help your awesome

    Edited by De Fuk
    1. Ignis


      @Fusah and I are devs ;)

    2. De Fuk

      De Fuk

      it's all the same to me xDD kappa ty one more time 

  11. So after this update i lost all my guns in my houses and as well all the meth i processed any help?

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    2. De Fuk

      De Fuk

      2 houses i lost everything,gear worth like 700 k and 2.5 mil worth of meth i processed today before the update came out

    3. Pledge


      Which server?

    4. De Fuk

      De Fuk

      server 1,making a comp request now,i hope you guys have the logs pre the new patch thanks

  12. De Fuk

    ayee the boy is back wass upp
  13. De Fuk

    dp missions on a quad
  14. Hello old friend i happy b-day :)

  15. De Fuk

    ye all good ill see i need to check something first il let you know in pm if i want to buy it and il offer you

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