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  1. Happy b-day my friend <3

    1. buckie


      thank you my friend much love

  2. De Fuk

    il talk to you when you get on ts today
  3. Happy b-day :)

    1. Fusionz



  4. De Fuk

    sad face o7 @buckie hes not the first one we lost
  5. De Fuk

    2016 https://gyazo.com/6911bd647222bb54ae5be96616f23469
  6. thanks everyone <3

  7. Happy b-day old friend :) we born on the same day xD

    1. HyperGoat


      No way, Happy b-day old pal 

  8. De Fuk

    ayee i was first to ask Xd i am looking as well to buy shit ton of them,guess we will have to go farm some mad war points
  9. De Fuk

    Faster Processing speed for Runs fuck ye +1
  10. De Fuk

    Happy b-day old friend hope its a good one :)

  11. De Fuk

    Like the title says i am looking to buy 10-20 rpg rockets private msg me if you got some to sell,i got some war points but i am saving them for some other stuff.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=0_Qr7ceUkho&feature=youtu.be


    So apparently this is not a lagswitch?


    1. Jeffer Jeff

      Jeffer Jeff

      Thats just @Panda :)on his old internet 

  13. De Fuk

    send you a message
  14. De Fuk

    every time something happens people cry,all server are packed at prime time,stop crying nothing will die lol

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